Sony Walkman X-series: OLED touchscreen to compete with iPod touch?

Sony Walkman X-series: OLED touchscreen to compete with iPod touch?

Summary: Sony Japan announced a new series of Walkmen today that may trump the iPod touch. The NW-X1000 series, or X-series, was introduced in January at CES, but will actually be released on April 25 in Japan.


Sony Japan announced a new series of Walkmen today that may trump the iPod touch. The NW-X1000 series, or X-series, was introduced in January at CES, but will actually be released on April 25 in Japan. The NW-X1050 with 16 GB internal memory, and the 32 GB NW-X1060, have a 3-inch OLED touchscreen, Wi-Fi, YouTube support, and a noise cancellation feature.

Although it's in Japanese, CrunchGear has a cool video posted which gives you a good idea of the X-series' features. The Walkman lets you play your files in various formats. Audio files can be played in MP3/HE-AAC/AAC/WMA/linear PCM/ATRAC/ATRAC Advanced Lossless, and video in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and MPEG-4/WMV formats.

It is much smaller than the iPod touch, measuring 97.4×52.5×10.5mm. The OLED touchscreen has a 240×432 resolution, while the iPod touch has a 480×320-pixel resolution. said the X-series doesn't offer an app store, which is one downside to the player.

Available in black or red, the 16 GB model will cost $400, and the 32 GB version will be running for $500. Sony has yet to announce a release date for the U.S. and Europe.

Check out CNET's hands-on review.

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  • Resolution doesn't matter

    Why even bother mentioning resolution since it doesn't matter at all for portable devices. At least that is the standard Apple Apology whenever it is brought to their attention that Windows Mobile devices offer [b]far[/b] better resolution than the iPod Touch.

    Oh, shoot, I forgot the rule! It isn't that resolution isn't important, it is that 480*320 is the perfect resolution... until Apple comes out with a 640*480 resolution iPod Touch at which point anything that is 480*320 will instantly become inferior.

    The other thing wrong with this walkman is that it only has a 3" screen. Anything smaller than 3.5" is too small. Anything bigger isn't portable. Well, until the iPod Touch Nano and the iPod Netbook at which point 3" screen is perfect for small portable devices and 7" screens is perfect for large portable devices.

    Finally, the #1 most important thing wrong with this walkman is that it doesn't have an Apple logo on it. :)
    • You sure are obsessed with Apple!

      What is it, now? 5 years of daily negative commentary on all things Apple under the NonZealot and Non_Zealot names? I hope it was rewarding! :)

      Oh, and on topic... As long as the device has at least 100 ppi, I'm sure the display is fine. I would think it's at least 150 ppi with that size screen.
      • + 1

        I don't much care for apple since they dumped ppc, and with it the last vestiges of business ethics, but I have to agree with you.
  • 400 bucks?

    That's a bit pricey for a MP3 player.
    Roger Ramjet
  • I'm *still* going with the Creative Zen Vision

    Same functionality, slightly bigger screen, better company.
  • Not even a contender....

    The price is way to high for all the missing features vs iPod Touch. People will buy, but it won't dethrone the iPod Touch in the US.
  • RE: Sony Walkman X-series: OLED touchscreen to compete with iPod touch?

    Customers do not give a rat's ass
    about the technology that drives the
    screen. What they want is clarity size
    and convenience..and the iTunes
    Store. Would I thus consider this also
    ran? Not a chance...The package IS
    ITunes Store and whatever runs with
    it..that is only Apple..sorry, Sony...You
    are too late out of the starting gate.
    Move on to some other product as this
    market it done.
    • How Much......?

      I can't believe how much they're asking for such a featureless unit - Oh I
      forgot, it is Sony after all!!

      Ever since their debacle with their DRM'd stuff, I chose to boycott their

      I've upgraded from my 5G iPod to the 32GB iPod Touch and the whole
      package is amazing. It never ceases to amaze me. My wife was reluctant
      to use it, but now I can't get it off her. I'll wait until the next generation
      comes out sometime after June, which is supposed to be substantially
      better, and get her one then.
      • So you're OK with Apple's "DRM'd stuff?"

        Yes, for about a week or so all their music is non-DRM. But for the last 5+ years it has been full-DRM all the way. If you have been one of the many who has built their music library through DRM'd songs from iTunes then you'd have to pony up $0.30 cents for every $0.99 you've spent so far. That's a 30.3% markup to be DRM-free on Apple's terms. How come you were OK with that?
        • No, not DRM'd iTunes

          No, I have never bought a single iTunes song, I just burn my own CD's
          into iTunes, and share with friends. For me I could care less about
          iTunes, Amazon et al's downloaded music.

          You know as well as I do that Steve Jobs tried to persuade the record
          labels to drop DRM, but because iTunes was so successful, they tried
          to stymie Apple by offering DRM-free music to Amazon (and I think

          You already know this, it's been discussed here enough times.

          As far as iTunes itself is concerned, I think it has become extremely
          bloated, and with most new updates comes with several irritating
          bugs, so I wait quite a while before updating. This is good practice for
          most software updates anyway, for all platforms.

          That being said, the app store for the iPod Touch and iPhone works
          tremendously well, spoilt to a certain extent by the number of free
          useless apps. it seems Apple are aware of this and have stated they
          are planning to revise it. I won't hold my breath as it has become so
          huge and is growing at an ever increasing rate.

          I hope that answers your questions - Apple are far from perfect, as are
          any other platform, I use a PC as well as OS X. I am happy to criticise
          Apple where it's deserved, but as far as the iPod Touch is concerned,
          the more you use it, the more amazing it seems. You obviously have
          not, or don't have any desire to try one, or probably don't even use an
          mp3 player. Each to his own.
    • Um... I sure as hell hate iTunes

      I, as a single example, make your moronic blanket statement fall apart.

      It's fantastic that you like iTunes so much. But I, along with millions of others, don't find Apple's solution to be the best.
      • iTunes competition

        Perhaps you could enlighten as as to which music and application source are you using that offers a better selection and more features than Apple's setup? So far, I haven't found any that come close and I've looked. iTunes is not perfect (or even very close) but nothing else is even a starter in the race.

        On the other cost end, the current price for a iPod Touch 16GB in this area is around $300 Cdn which is a heck of a lot less than the $400 US (~$480 Cdn) for the Sony 16GB model. What do you think is going to get people to spend that much extra to get a smaller screen with lower resolution, fewer applications and (IMNSHO) without the dynamic ecosystem that's sprung up around the iPhone/iPod Touch devices.

        As usual, YMMV.

      • Moronic Statement?

        Moronic blanket statement? Wow, you're the moron for using such vile
        language. If you can't be objective or be polite, don't bother posting
        on these forum. You only do yourself a disservice and your comments
        count for nothing on here when you behave like this.

        If you see my earlier reply to your previous post you will see I also
        criticise Apple. You on the other hand obviously have tunnel vision
        and can only post to criticise Apple. Get a life.

        I already agreed iTunes is bloated, just like Windows is, and whilst I
        have considered looking at alternatives to iTunes, I have also read
        many bad reports on alternatives, so I have chosen to stay with
        iTunes, but especially as it works remarkably well with the iPhone and
        iPod Touch.

        If you can't be polite, stay away from these forums, you bring nothing
        to the table.
  • Way too expensive, no FLAC support, NO THANKS !

    Another reason to laugh hard @ $ony everyday