The future of the Nook Simple Touch is a glowing screen, says leaked image

The future of the Nook Simple Touch is a glowing screen, says leaked image

Summary: The next Nook Simple Touch could come with a front lit E Ink display, according to leaked B&N materials.

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Could Barnes & Noble's Nook Simple Touch eReader be due for a "glowing" screen?

That's the story according to The Digital Reader, which got its hands on a copy of some Barnes & Noble promotional material. Dubbed the "Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight", the new device will apparently be powered by a new frontlit lighting technology.

Very different from the sort of backlit screens used in tablets, monitors, and smartphones, frontlit screens work by distributing light over an illuminated layer of film that sits ontop of a screen. According to FLEx Lighting, one company working with the technology, this means fewer LEDs, and, hopefully, longer battery lives.

The news is interesting, and considering that the last Nook Simple Touch was released last June, times fairly well with the release of the next device in the line. Seeing as one of the problems with eReaders currently is that it's painfully difficult to tell them apart, something like a backlight screen is sure to differentiate the Nook Simple Touch well - assuming that Barnes & Noble does things right.

Topic: Tablets

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  • Appreciated

    No doubt a backlight option will be appreciated by e-book readers. Indeed, I suspect that once a decent implementation becomes available it will quickly become a standard feature of all but base-model e-readers.