Touchscreen Asus Eee PC available for UK preorder

Touchscreen Asus Eee PC available for UK preorder

Summary: Look! There it is, on preorder in the UK:Asus' all-in-one Eee PC is available for £399.


Look! There it is, on preorder in the UK:

Asus All-in-one touchscreen Eee PC

Asus' all-in-one Eee PC is available for £399.99, and seems sluggish to boot: 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive and 15-inch screen running Windows XP.

Combined with the original iMac-like aesthetic, I'm not feeling so good about this. Are you? [via, via, via]

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  • Nice for a small kiosk

    but I can't think of a reason why someone would want this for mainstream usage, either at home or work. I mean it's not even a tablet, and that's a niche product.
    Michael Kelly
  • Very interested to see the final specs

    I don't what the battery life will be like, but is it just me, or are other people tired of the tech writers stressing things like boot time?

    When you toss in a sentence like "seems sluggish" you really make yourself look like those automotive writers who keep stressing 0-60 for a 7 passenger minivan in the face of $3.50/gallon.

    A tablet's primary purpose is portability, therefore criteria should be battery life of 4 hours at least, ability to run a business-class powerpoint with some embedded video clips, some surfing and checking email. That's it.

    Anyone trying to compare this to some sort of laptop is completely missing the point.
  • "to boot"

    When you say "sluggish to boot" do you mean sluggish
    to start-up, or sluggish as well? :P Hard to tell from
    the context.
  • RE: Touchscreen Asus Eee PC available for UK preorder

    i think he meant to start up, it would start up alot faster if it was linux(given, it depends on what version of linux you put on it). and it would be alot more secure. and it wouldn't need all the ram and hard drive space(unless you plan on ripping a bunch of dvd's and cd's to your hard disk.) it would certainly be nice as a mobile pc/media player, except that it is a little big because we don't have folding touchscreens(yet).