Universities start imposing ban on iPad from campuses

Universities start imposing ban on iPad from campuses

Summary: Not just countries are nervous over iPad performance standards, but now even some of America's top universities have said that their campuses are not ready for this device.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

Not just countries are nervous over iPad performance standards, but now even some of America's top universities have said that their campuses are not ready for this device.

According to the Wall Street Journal, both Princeton and George Washington University have banned the iPad from their networks, after wireless security and connectivity issues were reported. Cornell seems ready to prohibit the tablet computer as well.

Given that the iPad has been touted as an excellent education tool and perfect for college students, this must be a huge blow for Apple. It's not likely to slow down Apple's sales anytime soon, especially with the upcoming release of the 3G edition, but this is not good news when one of the target demographics is blocked from using their new gadgets in one of their most common settings. It sounds like Apple should come out with a firmware update to resolve this issue soon - unless a recall is necessary.

Did Apple rush this product out too fast without testing it enough? Or do the universities need to step up their Wi-Fi networks to handle growing traffic?

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • Shift to e-books

    This issue really needs to be resolved.

    The iPad could be the necessary catalyst to shift students from paper academic books to e-books.
    • eBooks Transition

      This NEEDS to happen sooner or later. Staks of heavy paper books are to eBooks as boxes of punched cards are to Flash Drives.

      But this will never happen until outdated publishng business models are retired and superseded by models more appropriate for the common digital age.
    • Also, most college student's can Not afford an iPad....

      My neice just graduated from PSU and she said the use of Apple computers/devices was definately the minority on campus. She was certain there were cliques using them of course, but the everyday, pay your own way college students rarely use Apple products and they make up the vast portion of students.
      • Not so here

        Walking across campus, I see about a 50-50 split between Windows and Macs.
        • Which campus would that be? And I suspect you may...

          be looking with Apple colored glasses if it's a university of any size and diversity.
          • Lots of Macs at UW-Madison

            Well, at Univerity of Wisconsin in Madison,
            with 40,000-ish students, I see a heck of a lot
            of Macs.

            Not sure about other commenters here but while
            I haven't done any statistical studies in it,
            I'm pretty sure a decent % of students here use

            Perhaps you're wearing some sort of polarized
            lenses that filter out Macs at your local
      • Same here in Tennessee

        Same here in Tennessee. My niece is a Sophmore in college. Nobody can afford there Apple products, not even with there pitiful little student discount Apple offers. And with tuitions going up every 5 minutes, its crazy to push an over priced ipad on students. Especially with all the connectivity & over heating problems. Students don't need any more headaches or problems. Oh and as much as an iPad would get totted around in there bags and dropped, they would be broken in no time. Besides, they need multi-tasking and printing which clearly Apple did not bother to deal with or care about.
        • Ever heard of WiFi?

          "and printing which clearly Apple did not bother to deal with or care
          • Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

            Set up a private wireless network in your dorm room or take your iPad to the library just so you can print a paper off.

            It's supposed to make life less difficult, NOT more so.
          • Schools thought of that.

            A lot of places, such as Georgia Tech, have a download-able driver so you can print to college printers through the wireless connection from your computer. It seems useful. I can't ever remember using it. Buy a computer, get a virtually free printer, and who cares about printing somewhere else? Oh right... iPad users...
      • Oh please...

        I do not know where PSU is, but I have not seen any kind of computer and electronic equipment that is beyond the financial reach of the students at my daughter's school (Hamilton College in Clinton, NY). Believe me, absent some sort of prohibition, many will be sporting iPads, in addition to their Macs or PCs, on campus come fall.
        • PSU vs Hamilton

          Obscure academic backwaters, like Penn State University, with its geographically and ethnically diverse enrollment of 40,000+, are not at all indicative of student computing trends.

          Hamilton College, on the other hand, its campus teeming with literally HUNDREDS of full-time students, would serve as a far more instructive example.
          • LOL. nice.

        • Your Living In...

          cave or you at Goldman Sacks.
        • Well...

          I do work at Georgia Tech, as I've often mentioned. I've never seen an iPad being used. There are macs here and there, but I've never seen an iPad. Plenty of iPhones, plenty of iPod Touches, but no iPads. Why? They don't make sense. You'd have to either be a giant fanboy or have very specific needs to get one.
          • ????

            Well, the iPad came out April 3rd.

            You posted this on April 19th.

            Ya' think maybe the REASON you haven't seen one yet is
            because they'd only been out 16 days?
        • Oh Please. You've not heard of Penn State University? Happy Valley....

          State College or "Happy Valley" becomes the 3rd largest city in Pennsylvania during the school year.

          Penn State is a very highly respected University for acedemia and sports. You've perhaps heard of Joe Paterno, Nittany Lions...any of this ringing a bell?

          Perhaps you can pay your child's way through college and I'm sure many students at PSU have the same deal.
          But the majority are working their way through and taking on a huge loan to pay off when they make it through.

          Apple fanatics love to feel that Apple products are everywhere, but they are still very much a minority at PSU and all schools like it.
          A low cost PC/laptop is the standard for the average American college student. These kids live on Kraft Mac and Cheese and most don't have their own cars.

          It was the same way at the University I attended.
        • Hamilton is not PSU

          Per the college's Web site: "Hamilton College is a highly selective, top-ranked, private liberal arts college ..."

          I expect that the students (or, more likely, their parents) are in a position to afford "...any kind of computer and electronic equipment ..." as you put it.

          I suspect your world view does not include the majority of schools, students, and parents.
      • You make no sense

        ONE of THREE of the Electrical Engineering texts I
        needed for ONE class cost $400. ALL of classical
        literature is freely available as the copyrights
        ran out <i>long</i> ago. iPads, computers, and
        ebook readers are <i>way</i> cheaper than paper
        • And...

          When I tried to resell a textbook worth $100, I was
          offered $6.37 by the wholesaler.

          Give me a discount on the ebook: forget the book
          buyback ripoff parade.