Verizon iPhone: Announcement coming on January 11

Verizon iPhone: Announcement coming on January 11

Summary: After a flurry of news at CES, Verizon has one more card up its sleeve -- a big one -- and it will reveal it on Tuesday, January 11, 2011. Is it the Apple iPhone?


Updated: Verizon this afternoon sent to a select group of press an invite for an event in New York City on Tuesday, January 11, days after the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show comes to a close.

Does the Apple iPhone cometh? You bet. The Wall Street Journal reports that Verizon Wireless will announce its CDMA iPhone.

Verizon instructed recipients to keep the invitation under their hats, so to speak, but AllThingsD's John Paczkowski defied their request, thus opening the floodgates to murmurs around the web.

In fairness, here's my invite:

Note the swanky location -- New York's Lincoln Center is where the ballet and opera call home -- and the inherent suggestion that there's more news. That news is the iPhone.

Considering the incredible amount of news the carrier generated during CES -- read more here, here, here, here and here -- it's a little unusual that such a high-profile event would follow an already major press effort this week from the company. (Which this year not only had its own stuffed-to-the-gills press conference, but a keynote address.)

I guess the iPhone is a big deal, no?

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  • This time it looks to be real.

    Everything adds up to the rumor [i]finally[/i] being true. [b]Thank God[/b], if for no other reason than a long-overdue death to "iPhone on Verizon" stories.
  • Elephant in the room is about to crash it

    "Android" surge in the USA is to be hit really hard.

    However, in the long run, having "Android" installed on countless from bad to mediocre cheapo phones, of course, it will above in the marketshare.
    • The funny thing about Android marketshare

      [i]However, in the long run, having "Android" installed on countless from bad to mediocre cheapo phones, of course, it will above in the marketshare.[/i]

      Whenever anyone questions the quality of the iPad, the immediate answer from the Apple zealots is [i]of course iPad is fantastic, just look at how well it sells!!![/i]

      When Apple is winning marketshare metric, marketshare is used by Apple zealots as proof of quality.

      When Android is winning marketshare metric, profits is used by Apple zealots as proof of business intelligence.

      When MS is winning profits metric... Apple zealots shut up. :) :) :)
      • profits

        you know that from this last december quarter on, msft no longer wins profits metrics against apple, don't you? have a look at apple's quarterly numbers on jan. 18. i'd like to read your comments then.
        banned from zdnet
      • Funny those same people dont talk about Kinect


        Which sold more than the iPad...apparently only Apple can have blockbuster product releases.
      • RE: Verizon iPhone: is it coming on January 11?

        @otaddy What is with all the Apple haters comparing a motion input device (a very good one, don't get me wrong) to a computing device?

        That's like saying "My mouse sold better than your computer." Two completely different devices.
    • I thought that too..until I saw Droid Bionic


      with its LTE capabilities. If Apple does CDMA-only, then I dont think Android has to worry at all.
      • LTE is still super spotty and pricy, so nothing to worry about for iPhone 4

    • RE: Verizon iPhone: is it coming on January 11?

      Between the Verizon iPhone and iPad2, the Android bubble is about to pop. And Windows mobile will never even have a chance.
  • RE: Verizon iPhone: is it coming on January 11?

    Oh I'm getting one!
    Loverock Davidson
    • No, it will be announcement and preorders only; ship by late Jan/early Feb

      @Loverock Davidson
  • RE: Verizon iPhone: is it coming on January 11?

    I couldnt be happier! After so many misleading articles, and so many rumors and gossip, its finally here!

    First I will order, preorder, or reserve one.

    Next I will post my current iPhone 4 on Craigslisthoping for $499 but will take $400 to $499.

    Lastly I will sit and wait patiently. The wait is over and I can tell ATT where to go!
    • I'm looking forward to it, too.

      @CarlosViscarra I'll upgrade to a 4 for free from AT&T (I'm sure they'll be making deals to maintain as many current off contract customers as they can), and continue to enjoy the ability to have voice [b]and[/b] data simultaneously. Although I don't think the iPhone itself is blameless for the lousy network performance, I can't imagine that AT&T service in the Bay Area won't be better after the mass migration to Verizon Wireless.
      • How you "don't think iPhone itself is blameless"

        ... if 2/3 of all iPhones ever sold since 2007 are overseas, and people never heard of any network problems there?
      • Quite easy in fact.

        @denisrs I've stood right next to other AT&T wireless [smart- and feature phone] users who had [better] service at times I didn't in the same physical area. Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone, I sincerely believe overall it's better than anything else out there, but I don't think the abysmal service I often get is all AT&T's fault.
      • Base stations serve on first come, first served (FSFC) basis

        @matthew_maurice: so even if both devices are roughtly equally good in receiving signals one of devices might get easily better connection than the other simply depending on cell network station load at the moment.

        You might remember last years' Steven Jobs presentation when many journalists had their Wi-Fi turned on and he could not start videocalling demo because of that. Most of these who connected Wi-Fi first still had their channel working, but those who connected later had less priority according to FCFS basis.

        That is why like 60 million iPhone users overseas never heard of any signal/network problems but you could witness situation you described.
  • Time to find out if Android phones are really popular

    ... or it was just the lack of availability that made them acceptable.

    Regardless ... I bet there will be a LOT of Android owners who will curse at the wind because they didn't wait a few weeks.
  • Android had a good run....

    Of a couple of months. Just like how Spam was good enough to feed those stranded cruise ship passengers: they ate it because they had to. Once the iPhone hits Verizon they'll be giving away those droid phones two for one. Oh, wait a minute, they do that now!
    • meh...


      Once the iPhone hits Verizon's shelves, carriers will have to compete for iPhone's sales...and you can bet they will be doing 2 for 1's on the 'beloved' iPhone
  • RE: Verizon iPhone: is it coming on January 11?

    Or maybe Verizon is simply releasing pricing information for smartphones on their recently announced 4G/LTE network? I won't believe it until I see it. One has to remember that the WSJ has put out an article about the iPhone going to Verizon every six months since its release in 2007.