Verizon offering $200 to recent new customers with iPhone purchase

Verizon offering $200 to recent new customers with iPhone purchase

Summary: Verizon Wireless is trying to sweeten the iPhone 4 deal for recent new customers with a $200 Visa gift card.


Verizon Wireless is trying to sweeten the iPhone 4 deal for recent new customers with a $200 Visa gift card.

Do know that this deal is only truly a deal for those who recently signed up with Verizon and are desperate to have an iPhone. Anyone who bought a Verizon phone between November 26 and January 10 (the day prior to the big announcement) will get the aforementioned gift card if he/she buys the iPhone 4 at full price before the end of February.

The keywords there are "full price." A full price iPhone 4 with 16GB will cost $650 and a 32GB model will cost $750. That $200 gift card would subsidize the prices to $450 and $550 respectively. Apparently these customers would have to return the first mobile phone too.

At this rate, you might as well just wait for the next iPhone (which, in theory, would at least be a better device) or make yourself happy with whatever you already have.

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  • Or...

    If you're still in your 30-day introductory period, cancel your service and then just resign when it comes out. Sure, you'll lose your number but if you haven't had the phone for 30 days, you shouldn't be too attached to it anyway.
  • It's well worth it.

    this IS the iPhone were talking about here so I say spend the money, its worth every penny!
    Ron Bergundy
  • This proves Apple is panicking about low iPhone 4 sales

    Oh, wait, iPhone 4 sales aren't low.

    Yet iPhone 4 is being put on sale by Apple.

    Wait, it isn't being put on sale by Apple, it is being put on sale by Verizon.


    So why is it that when an Android or WP7 phone gets put on sale by the carrier, this somehow "proves" that sales are low and that Google or MS are panicking?

    Oh, right, I know why it is.

    It is because of Apple zealot double standards.
    • RE: Verizon offering $200 to recent new customers with iPhone purchase


      I'm not familiar with other sale that carriers have had with Android and WP7 phones, but is this the same thing?

      The FAQ states that you get the gift (debit) card when you buy an iphone at full price. So you pay up $650-$750 for an iphone, give back the old phone you bought, and then get a gift card for $200. From what I see, you don't actually get $200 off the price of the phone. You pay out the total amount, and then get money that you can spend elsewhere. Not to mention you lose whatever you paid for the previous phone, and you might have to re-start your contract (maybe not, as its not too long ago and in theory you are already locked into one).

      If the iPhone was really on sale, wouldn't Verizon be offering it to previous customers for LESS THEN the regular subsidized price? Wouldn't they offer a 2-for-1 deal?

      In the case of this "deal", I only see it as a win-win for Verizon. No doubt the gift card isn't really costing them $200 per card, they get your old phone which they can re-sell as refurbished, and are getting full unsubsidized price for the iPhone.

      As another has stated, it would be best to just wait until your contract is up and get whatever is out then (iPhone 5, or whatever)..
    • There's no two for one offer, zealot

      Like there are for WP7 devices, LMAO!!! You'll never get it!
      • RE: Verizon offering $200 to recent new customers with iPhone purchase

        @GoPower Most idiots don't...
        Ron Burgundy
    • RE: Verizon offering $200 to recent new customers with iPhone purchase


      You have an iPhone
      You have a Macbook

      Cue the double standards.
      Ron Burgundy
      • RE: Verizon offering $200 to recent new customers with iPhone purchase

        @Ron Burgundy

        He doesn't have an iPhone
        He doesn't have a Macbook

        Cue his lies
        ahh so
  • RE: Verizon offering $200 to recent new customers with iPhone purchase

    How come when I checked to see if I was eligible, it is listed on the website that I would have to pay $599, or $699? Are you including sales tax, or something? Or are these special numbers that others are not aware of?
  • From the Mountaintop...

    I'll tell you why! I've been with AT&T for two plus years and love my iPhone (enough to put up with the really poor service, and arrogant sales people at their retail stores when asked about what you can do to actually get calls on your iPhone) and now have a chance to bail from AT&T - and I will very soon... As soon as I can get a New LTE Android (Bionic I'm thinking). Not because I don't still love the iPhone, but it's looking dated, little innovation in their app stores anymore, just the same old rats selling more crap ware that's been over done already. Time for something New & Exciting for me. I've grown beyond the iPhone and its hocus-pocus. Personally I think Verizon should not have wasted the money on the iPhone, but instead, worked on their pricing for LTE data plans and tethering. Just my two cents... Thanks
    • AT&T Has Been Screwing Me Too

      AT&T has been screwing me too. At one time I had nine bars out of nine on our Nokia phones, which even worked in the completely underground, poured concrete basement of our home. One day, we dropped from nine of nine to four or five of nine bars. OK, it's still fine and how can one complain that the phone still works.

      Then Cingular bought AT&T and let the AT&T managers take over.

      Hey, what happens when you add clean water to dirty water? You get a lot more dirty water.

      We bought iPhones. We had two or three bars out of five.

      Then, one day we got zero or one bars out of five on our iPhones. They barely work outside in our yard, and sometimes on the second floor if near a window.

      AT&T reported it was because there is a hill between my home and the cell site, 4000 feet away. That's right, one night someone came in, removed several hundred 50 year old homes and thousands of old growth trees and built a hill, then returned the streets, homes and trees to that new hill. AT&T is full of crap.

      I asked for a micro cell. They said no, I couldn't even BUY one.

      Then there was the Verizon announcement.

      I phoned AT&T and asked if they want to send me a FREE micro cell or lose us on February 10. The stupid CSR came back and said, "No, we won't send you a micro cell." Well, I am gone. Then she said, "But, you can pick a free one up at any local AT&T store." Hey, I would have presented it better, but she isn't in marketing. Oh, wait, she is.

      Anyway, DEMAND a FREE micro cell. If you don't get it, switch carriers February 10.
  • Why aren't the bugs addressed?

    I have several clients with iPhones. They are buggy in very odd ways. Sure, there is serious version skew--and the dreaded skin/crapware issue with Android--but my Droid2 is solid, gets great reception in very marginal areas, and is not subject to the peculiarities of the sainted iPhone.

    At least the Verizon version (allegedly) addressed the antenna issue, but let's be real: the iPhone is nice, but it is far from perfect. The fanz would be much less annoying if they would simply admit that the iPhone and iPad--along with iTunes--have isses; ALL products do!
    • RE: Verizon offering $200 to recent new customers with iPhone purchase

      @jacobus57 I have the original Droid. It's incredibly buggy when it comes to text-messaging and the camera has never been that great, even after they fixed that weird bug where it stopped focusing shortly after it came out. It frequently takes a week to send picture messages, it keeps insisting that I resent people pictures when I try to text them, when I restart my phone it often randomly resends people texts from days ago, and then there's that great one where it decides to send a text to anyone it wants to on occasion.
      All of these phones are buggy in some way.
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