ViewSonic announces $200 ViewPad 7e Android tablet

ViewSonic announces $200 ViewPad 7e Android tablet

Summary: ViewSonic's 7e is the latest tablet to rival the Kindle Fire for the 7-inch market.


With the Kindle Fire and Kobo Vox, the $200 tablet space is becoming far more populated recently. And ViewSonic is adding to it.

The company annoucned on Tuesday the ViewPad 7e, a $200 tablet. Featuring a 7-inch screen, 1-GHz procesor, 4GB of storage, an expandable microSD slot, and a massive, massive bezel, the ViewPad 7e may not turn heads, but at $200 perhaps it doesn't have to.

With its size and price point, the 7e will be pitted against some pretty hefty competitors this holiday season. Amazon's Kindle Fire, Kobo's Vox and even Lenovo with its similarly-priced IdeaPad A1 all have a stake in the 7-inch space. Clearly, ViewSonic has some work ahead of it.

The ViewPad 7e launches at the end of October in North America.

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  • All tablets should be $200

    Honestly, you can pick up a netbook for $200. Other than a capacitive screen, it's basically all the same components as a tablet, minus the keyboard.

    Consumers are getting ripped off big time.
    • RE: ViewSonic announces $200 ViewPad 7e Android tablet

      On eBay you can pick up hundreds of sub $200 Andriod tablets. Lowest I've seen was $65. You can pick up a 10.2" tablet for around $180, all new with all the bells and whistles. Who cares about brand names and inflated prices. At the $100 price point, it becomes a consumable. If it breaks, pull out the flash memory card and throw it in the bin.
      Johan Safari
  • RE: ViewSonic announces $200 ViewPad 7e Android tablet

    The Kindle Fire will be the only "Android" tablet that approaches the success of the iPad because Amazon is the only other company with a decent "ecosystem" for media. I predict Amazon will buy WebOS or stick with its forked version of Android until it can build its own solution. People will buy the Fire because it says Amazon on it and gives access to all that content, not because it's running Android.
    • RE: ViewSonic announces $200 ViewPad 7e Android tablet

      We'll see. Every alternative tablet was going to be successful right up until it wasn't. As they start to create worse products by cutting corners, I think it is very possible that the iPad will look even better by comparison.
    • Just like the Xoom and the SG

      @KPOM1 If anything, the Amazon Fire maybe the biggest disappointment since the Xoom came out.
  • RE: ViewSonic announces $200 ViewPad 7e Android tablet

    Why the heck do we buy smartphones then. Unsubsidised they are $600. Gee, I can get quite a good laptop for that. Obviously totally different usage scenarios. While the tablet is not the same indispensable device as a phone, they still have their place for many people. I have a netbook and a tablet. Outside of work, the netbook rarely gets touched. 75% of my free time is typically spent with the tablet (yes, I have no life).
    On the way home from work, it is stuck on my dash and used with google navigation as a GPS and stereo system. When I get home, its gets velcroed to my excercise bike as I watch netflix. Next, off to the hot tub where it is again velcroed next to that and music streamed to a bluetooth speaker. Then off to the bathroom where...well never mind, but lets say incognito mode is used. I then do some app development and finally, stand it up on the nightstand to use as the alarm clock, with music snooze. Most of this would be no fun to attempt with a netbook.
  • Kindle Fire will sell tons, but

    Give me the same hardware or better with ICS that runs smooth and it would definitely sell at $200, and I would rather have that than a Fire. This does not look like ICS. I wish these makers would realize that slapping on their own skin on top of an old build of Android is going to hamper sales, not help them. Amazon can probably get away with it. Viewsonic? Doubtful.
  • RE: ViewSonic announces $200 ViewPad 7e Android tablet

    I've seen plenty of Android tablets and to be quite honest, it's hard to imagine that any Android tablet would sell for over $200!
    • The will probably sale at sub $100

      @jamboy34 A tablet (any brand/OS) without an ecosystem is just a waste of money at any price. Pretty much this is the top problem of ALL Android tablets (besides the fact that the OS sucks for tablets .... pending actually trying ICS to see if it still sucks). The ecosystem is so crappy, might as well just give your money away.

      Add don't forget the "may or may not" get OS updates factor and you just have a useless paper weight.
      • RE: ViewSonic announces $200 ViewPad 7e Android tablet

        @wackoae <br> Apple spent a fortune getting the iPad focused and right for it's intended market and hit it full square,so Android ,Google, has been scrambling to compete in hardware,software and price.<br> And as with the IPhone the Android devices are now equalling and surpassing and can see this happening sooner than later with tablets?
      • RE: ViewSonic announces $200 ViewPad 7e Android tablet

        @wackoae &morrig -
        Here is the way this looks to me. It's like the PC Market - you have ALL of the PC's out there some good, a lot really crappy, and the market is basically a commodity market. Then you have Apple - polish marketing "experience". The PC Market blows away Apple, BUT! Apple is viewed as the elitist machine. The mobile OS is the same way, and Google has created that in record time. Even the updates are going the way of the PC market, and guess what like MS gets blamed for crappy hardware and 3rd party - now Google is getting the same thing.
  • Android tablets are just

    Many people complain about the walled-in approach of the iPad, but in actual fact, the whole system works very well. The apps are streamlined and pretty consistent... and this free approach by Android is the same thing that's killing it.<br><br>Apart from the main apps, like Docs to Go, and Kindle reader, there is precious little I would want to keep if it was free, let alone pay for it!<br><br>The Kindle Fire looks good I have to admit...and that would make it my third Android device purchased ... so far I have been very disappointed.
  • Nice tablet!

    Nice fo the $ as well, 4GB can hold a lot of material. + the slot. I saw a pic of it in black on the www - but is it really avail. in black?
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