ViewSonic's new 7-inch tablet is half the price of the iPad

ViewSonic's new 7-inch tablet is half the price of the iPad

Summary: With a 7-inch screen, upgradeable memory, and support for stylus input, ViewSonic's latest tablet offers quite a bit for $250. But in an increasingly competitive tablet market, will ViewSonic get noticed?


Life hasn't been easy for tablet manufacturers competing with Apple's iPad. Perennially unable to compete with Apple's tablet on features and interest, rivals have attempted to veer in another direction entirely: By undercutting the iPad's $500 price tag.

ViewSonic is the latest company to take the sub-$500 route. Its newest tablet is the ViewBook 730, a seven-inch tablet running runs Android 2.2 on a ARM Cortex-A8 1GHz processor. Featuring a HDMI-output, upgradable memory, and intergrated with Amazon's Android App store, the tablet offers quite a few features at half the price of the dominating iPad.

But will it be enough? ViewSonic seems have cottoned onto the reality that there are many potential tablet owners who are turned off by the idea of shelling out at least $500 for  a new tablet. Of course, the ViewBook's seven-inch form factor is also likely to draw some eyes. But with the HTC Flyer and BlackBerry PlayBook vying for domination of the seven-inch space, ViewSonic is likely to face stuggles here as well.

The ViewBook will be available at the end of June.

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  • But without Android 3.0, who wants it?

    I am not interested in another nice piece of tech that becomes techno-trash, I am hearing that unless you get it w Android 3.0, it will never be upgradable. Since 3.0 is the 1st version specifically for tablets, why do I want anything less on a tablet?- not buying anything till the mud is cleared.
    • RE: ViewSonic's new 7-inch tablet is half the price of the iPad

      @gmasters@...Android 2.2 is awesome on the Galaxy Tab. I have no problems with it. However, I wouldn't want it on a 10" screen. I'm sure that would suck.
  • RE: ViewSonic's new 7-inch tablet is half the price of the iPad

    It's the same price and screen size as Nook color, but with half the screen resolution (800x480).
    They have to cut corners somewhere...
  • "Perennially" implies they've been trying for > 1 year

    Not sure you can call it "perennially" until they've been trying for 2 years. Which they haven't. Don't forget the Android phone experience ... iPads may very well follow the same curve.