Watch the new iPad's shiny Retina display get shattered in painful detail (video)

Watch the new iPad's shiny Retina display get shattered in painful detail (video)

Summary: Curious to see how the new iPad fares after falling five feet face-down to the ground? This video shows it all.


Apple's latest iPad may be selling well, but not even the world's most popular tablet can defeat the force of gravity.

That's the message ostensibly embedded in the latest drop test video from SquareTrade, which has pit the new iPad against its predecessor, the iPad 2.

And guess what -- they break. Not at first, but eventually. Both devices survive the first, face-up drops fairly unscathed. But by the second and third falls, which are done face down, the pristine glass screens on the shiny tablets are shattered beyond repair. Surprised? Neither am I.

These tests are done on behalf of gadget warranty provider SquareTrade, which has done this stuff before. In a previous test, the team pitted the iPhone 4S against Samsung's Galaxy S II. Samsung's phone won that battle, but its probably SquareTrade that gained the most from the tests.

Oh, and in case you were curious, the company doesn't cover the kind of intentional damage displayed in the video. And neither does Apple.

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  • This group is distasteful in their actions

    It is not because they crash "oh-so-great" iPad, but because they did it from the height that might happen with people in real life as often as never. They were afraid that if they would dump iPads from more realistic lower heights, they would not crash that easily -- this would against their [i]agenda[/i].

    It is also notable that while they crashed both Apple and non-Apple products before -- like iPhone and SGS 2 -- now they decided only to crash Apple products.This is because iPhone is two-side glass and it also does not has plastic coating/edged around, so iPhone would surely lose to any other smartphone. This situation follows [i]agenda[/i].

    SGT 10.1 or even Kindle Fire are no better than iPad in this field and these would crash about the same way. Hence nothing to please the [i]agenda[/i].
    • Only partially sensational

      Dropping from waist height would be the most likely in real life. They choose to drop it, or try to, flat while in real life its more likely to fall at a greater angle and hit a corner first as it tumbles down. The damage on a corner drop would be interesting and probably more damaging as the force would be the same but not spread out. The message here is that it will suffer damage.

      The drop from shoulder height is not real world.
    • Never in Real Life?

      Drop test (#2) from waist height is "never in real life"???
      • Which "waist"? They dropped iPads from shoulder height

        The subject.
  • Breaking News...Breaking News...Breaking News...

    Glass breaks when you drop it from 5 feet. Who woulda thought???
  • A Generation lacking common sense.

    It's a shame that with all thats going on this is worthy of screen space.
    Oh Ricardo and Gloria..... the writing is on the wall.
  • And this is why...

    ... you invest in a good case for your iPad. Or other tablet.
  • You know what?

    Izabella is pregnant!
  • Quelle Surprise!!

    So the Heavier New-Apple shattered more. Gee! More mass from the same height=more damage. Gorilla Glass or not when it strikes concrete it will break. The only thing this video shows conclusively is that investing in a good protective case is worth it. As far as someones comments that a waist high drop is not real life, I would beg to differ. Most work tables are 36-39 inches high, that makes for a very realistic drop height.
  • does it blend?

    anybody can drop an iPad, but does it blend?
    • Does it blend?

      @cwallen19803. What do you mean? Does it blend with what?
  • One thing emerges with clarity - the iPad is a great mirror!

    This video clearly shows why I dislike gloss screens - they're effectively mirrors under all but ideal lighting conditions. When is Apple going to offer a matte screen iPad/iPod/iPhone? And don't tell me to buy a stick-on cover which is bound to adversely affect the clarity of the display. Three reasons why I won't buy an iPad:
    1) Highly reflective gloss screen
    2) No SD memory card slot
    3) No user replaceable battery.
    As long as there are people who have similar views to mine, the Android market will remain alive and kicking.