Where to watch Obama's presidential inauguration online

Where to watch Obama's presidential inauguration online

Summary: Washington is about to throw President-elect Barack Obama a $160 million party on Tuesday, January 20 at 11:30 ET, so the least you should do is show up!But for those of us who don't want to bear the incredibly low temperatures of D.

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Presidential Inauguration 2009Washington is about to throw President-elect Barack Obama a $160 million party on Tuesday, January 20 at 11:30 ET, so the least you should do is show up!

But for those of us who don't want to bear the incredibly low temperatures of D.C. at this time of year, there's always the comfort of our own homes...and the warm, fuzzy glow of our computer screens.

Here's a list of places on the web where you might want to hang out this Tuesday:

  • To get it from the horse's mouth, head to the website of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, which is in charge of all the inaugural activities at the Capitol. They're streaming the whole shebang on their site with closed captioning. The site also has a wealth of Inaugural factoids, including the recipe for Obama's luncheon (pheasant and duck served with sour cherry chutney, in case you were wondering).
  • Our newsy sibling site CBS News will broadcast live coverage all day on TV and online, starting at 7 a.m. ET. That night, anchor Katie Couric will also host a special webcast with reporters and talking heads. (CBS coverage will also be webcast on Joost's Everything Obama page.)
  • CNN has partnered with Facebook to provide live streaming of the swearing-in and Obama's speech. A Facebook window on CNN.com's Live channel will aggregate your friends' related status updates.
  • MSNBC will stream the event live on its home page and in the politics section of the site.
  • C-SPAN will debut its Inauguration Hub on January 20, featuring an online "control room" of various webcasts of inauguration activities. Users can choose from one of four live feeds featuring events like the swearing-in, the parade and several inaugural balls.
  • ABC News will also live stream inauguration coverage.
  • Fox News will provide live streaming coverage via Hulu starting at noon for two hours. After the stream, Hulu will have on-demand access to the ceremony. You can embed the live stream, too.
  • PBS' Online NewsHour will offer coverage.
  • Current TV and Twitter have partnered to add real-time tweets to Current's broadcast and Webcast of the swearing in, which starts at 11:30 a.m. EDT and will be replayed throughout the day. In other words: tweet at your heart's content (if the site is still up...).
  • Global P2P video site Livestation will feature international coverage from news outlets such as Al Jazeera English, BBC World News, Euronews, and France 24.
  • The New York Times will have coverage, punctuated by its innovative multimedia interactives. Don't miss it.
  • The Washington Post has its own Inauguration guide that is particularly useful for Washington, D.C. residents and visitors who want to keep track of related events in the city through January 20.
  • USA Today will also stream live coverage.
  • Inevitably, news aggregation and commentary site The Huffington Post will feature newsworthy stories and high-profile commentary during the event.
  • The Associated Press' online video network will also cover the event.
  • Snarky politics site Wonkette will likely liveblog the event with claws extended.
  • Don't forget to read the inevitable liveblogs of popular red and blue-tinged political blogs: Red State (right), DailyKos (left), Little Green Footballs (right), Instapundit (libertarian), Talking Points Memo (left), and others.
  • Got an iPhone? Go to Ustream.tv for an app that will let you stream the event live on the device.
  • Latino-minded site Terra will stream in English and in Spanish.
  • Finally, the Presidential Inaugural Committee will webcast some of the official Inaugural balls using Microsoft Silverlight.

And, if you're a real news hound, head to Memeorandum, which aggregates the hottest political stories on the web in near-real-time (news and blog alike).

[Special thanks to CNET colleague Stephanie Condon for the legwork.]

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  • COLD, Crowded & Brief.

    All the museum buildings have restaurants "where you can get hot chocolate or coffee,"lynn St. Thomas said. Temps are hoped tobe in 35F range, yet with so much ticketing & clearances , its better view from home, maybe HOT Chocalte might seem better, yet theres NO HOT Chocolate without Extra Freeze feel inside.BYOMM

  • Communist Ruler

    I think I will pass on watching a devote communist...
    • nt

    • Spelling...

      Perhaps you should learn to spell and know what the meaning of words are before you post.

      "Devout", NOT "devote"

      And no, Obama is not a devout communist!
      TTGIT Guy
      • True

        If you read his books, He is socialist
    • Do you know what communism is?

      If you have a family you probably practice it yourself in a sense.
    • Odd DUCK....:P


      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • When will the mania end? Or will it?

    Anyone try to get any news on TV the last couple of days that wasn't Obama mania? If it weren't for an airline crash you couldn't do it. Even the crisis in Gaza has sort of disappeared into background noise. I'm so sick of this Obama mania I could puke.

    Get this: we are actually hearing about things like his "approval rating" before he is even in office. Get a grip folks, he hasn't done anything yet other than give a good speech and if he actually does do anything its going to lead us to disaster.

    I would invite everyone to do a little homework on the Wiemar Republic (the government of Germany between WWI and Hitler). Pay attention to how they tried to solve Germany's problems and pay its war reparations - by printing money. We will be going down the same road under the leadership of his lordship with the complicity of both political parties.

    Another historical precedent to check out: Search Wikipedia for "Bread and Circuses" and you will find a perfect description of Emporer Obama the I.
    • The juror is in: Obama more dangerous than Bush

      You cannot print the money to save economy, period! It's like trying to drink your own blood when feeling thirsty. Obamas suicidal stimulus package is not stimulating economy. It's stimulating irresponsible consumption, the very disease that sunk the economy.

      We've had too much consumption. This severe recession or depression is the market curing itself by forcing people to cut their crazy spending and instead produce more. Any attempt trying to stifle this transition is insane and will bring us a major collapse in future.
      • Crazy spending isn't what did it....

        Unbridled business is what brought it all about. Capitalism will eat itself if left unattended. Theres no crazy consumer spending that led to all of these large corporations being on the ropes. The key corps simply got to the point where they feel the risk is to high now and don't want to play the game any more.
        • Exactly why is it Capitalism's fault?

          Who was the one that manipulated the interest rate and flood the market with easy loans that lured people into the toxic housing market? Fed Res.

          Who is the one printing US a massive inflation in the near future and trashing the dollar value while not even revealing how much they are printing and where they are spending it? Fed Res, again.

          Who's the one that bailed out 1st Wall St., 2nd Detroit and god knows how many more while true Capitalism is Darwinism and would let them fail? The government.

          With Fed's and Government's messy fingers all over the free market and getting it wrong just about every time trying to interfere with economy, why is it Capitalism to take the blame?

          Why haven't we held Fed Res accountable is beyond me. These guys are trashing the Dollar, driving people into fire with artificial rate and making every paycheck we get carry less buying power than the last one. When will we point the finger at the real culprit?
      • Not Obama's fault if the economy has been built

        on a house of cards now is it? I don't know what people
        have been thinking these past few decades perhaps longer.
        Where did anyone get the idea that if the worker who
        happens to also be the consumer can keep taking hits on
        his/her purchasing power and loose all security on the
        employment front? When the 80's hit the worker it was
        fast money on the stock market front and the
        consumer/worker took the hit in terms of a steady reliable
        paycheck and started to loose purchasing power. Sure
        during the Clinton years there was a brief blip on the
        screen in terms of purchasing power and when
        employment is high due to a good economy nobody
        notices the fact that they are jumping from job too job.
        But when the blip goes away you find yourself and your
        budget strained by the fact that your income is going
        down and your bills are going up. Then comes the latest
        set of mergers and layoffs. HOW LONG COULD THIS GO
        ON!?! Do the math people it can not last. Now add to this
        the insane cost of health care and the idiotic dealings on
        Wall Street and you have a perfect storm.

        The thing to do now is to get out of the storm not sit back
        and wait for it to clear itself. IN action did not help us last
        time it will not help us this time. I only hope we the
        people the worker/consumer realize that we simply can not
        go on as before . We must save and insist on a fairer work
        situation. We can not bare all the burden of responsibility
        or our shoulders while others fiddle with our futures based
        on stock options and get rich quick sceems. WHO

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
    • Optomist...

      Must be really nice to be such a positive person... Obama, at least can string a sentence together which makes sense... you wait my friend, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised... at least some of your real issues such as Guantanemo and Leonard Peltier may get solved... relax we have a human being in office rather than the mechcanical tool that is known as Bush...
      Oh yeah, the financial world is over and done with, and the sooner the dinosaurs realise this all the better for the rest of us... I really do not see the comparison with America and the Wiemar republic... America is struggling to stay on top of the pile, the Wiemar were at the bottom of a very heavy pile, attempting to get back on it's feet after a financially ruining war...

      Give the man a chance, he surely can't do much worse than the man who attacked his own country and then told the world that he knew nothing about it, and that it was Al Queda...
      All Hail Discordia...
      Psymon FC
      • Well lets see

        by the articles of the guivea convention. Any non military carrying arms ( IE not in a uniform of Military) are to be shot in a time of war.. So putting them in Getmo is more humain then what should be done to them.
  • RE: Where to watch Obama's presidential inauguration online

    You can watch the Barack Obama Inauguration 2009
    Online in: <a href="http://www.bbpctv.com/Program-
  • RE: Where to watch Obama's presidential inauguration online

    You can watch the Barack Obama Inauguration 2009
    Online in: http://www.bbpctv.com/Program-Barack-Obama-
  • Doesn't anyone have to work on Tuesday?

    I will be at work, earning my wages so I can pay the taxes to help pay for that $150 million extravaganza. After all, it is not every day that we crown a Messiah.
    • I donated some money for that event so did you

      pay taxes I don't know? It might have been paid for by
      Obama's champaign?

      Now as for work. I support Macintosh computers where I
      work so that is a VERY tricky quesion. heh heh heh. In
      theory I suppose it is sort of work. But I can say it's nothing
      like ditch digging.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • RE: Where to watch Obama's presidential inauguration online

    why are you wasting our time with the empty-suited crook???

    the world will suffer the deaths of MILLIONS because the American voters chose illusion over experiance.
    • Are you referring to:

      The guy that is almost a candidate for a nursing home? LOL, hahahahahahaha.