Win a free Amazon Kindle, starting today

Win a free Amazon Kindle, starting today

Summary: Our sister site, SmartPlanet, is giving away a free Amazon Kindle. Here's how to enter.


Want a free Amazon Kindle?

Our youngest sister site, SmartPlanet, is giving one of them away.

Yes, that's right: a $259 wireless e-book reader, free of charge.

If you're interested in science, energy, technology and design, you'll like SmartPlanet. The site covers topics such as the smart grid, NASA, genetics, high-speed rail and corporate sustainability.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to SmartPlanet and enter to win.

Already a registered reader on ZDNet? No problem – you're eligible, too. Just verify your information and you're good to go.

Good luck!

Note: No, a color Amazon Kindle doesn't exist. The above is just for illustrative purposes.

Topics: Amazon, Hardware, Mobility

Andrew Nusca

About Andrew Nusca

Andrew Nusca is a former writer-editor for ZDNet and contributor to CNET. During his tenure, he was the editor of SmartPlanet, ZDNet's sister site about innovation.

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  • illustrative purpose

    why would you put a color screen on a kindle for "illustrative purposes"? i thought b&w e-ink is so much better for reading and no one wants a color display on their e-raeder in the first place.

    you tell me all the kindle-loving pundits were lying all the time, covertly hoping for a color screen but dismissing its relevance in public?
    banned from zdnet
  • RE: Win a free Amazon Kindle, starting today

    Sure, I'd be happy to enter my name, email address, residential address, phone number and complete date of birth. Where do I enter my social security number and mother's maiden name? I want to be sure it's complete!

  • RE: Win a free Amazon Kindle, starting today

    Is this really from ZDNet? You are giving all of your personal information directly to CBS Interactive (Spam Kings). Read the Privacy Policy that you agree to when entering. Your information will sold many times over before a prize is awarded. And, ZDNet helps by automatically taking the personal information and filling in the form.
  • RE: Win a free Amazon Kindle, starting today

    So, at ZDNet you are only allowed to "TalkBack" as long as you do not say anything against the contest. Before entering the contest, read the privacy policy carefully and look up CBS Interactive.