With Borders dead, what's going to happen with Kobo?

With Borders dead, what's going to happen with Kobo?

Summary: Borders may be going the way of the dinosaurs, but that doesn't mean Kobo is following suit.

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To anyone paying attention, Borders Group's Tuesday announcement that it's killing its remaining Borders stores should not have come as too much of a surprise. But it was still shocking, and, certainly, heartbreaking to the chain's customers and book fans in general.

But as Borders makes the final steps in its death march, where does that leave Kobo, its e-Book arm?

When Borders announced that it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection back in February, questions emerged almost immediately as to what the move meant for the future of Kobo, which Borders had begun investing in back in 2009.

These are questions that Kobo answered then, and it's worth revisiting them in the wake of the most recent Borders announcement.

As Kobo noted earlier this year, Borders' travails ultimately won't have too much of impact on Kobo's operations. After all, Kobo noted, Kobo is an independent company with many investments and operations worldwide. For customers, this means that, no matter what happens to Borders, Kobo ebook purchases will be safe.

But for how long? While the latest iteration of the Kobo was impressive, the device wasn't particularly mind-blowing. With Borders out of the picture, can Kobo really expect to have the same market impact? To that question, the company responds with a firm "yes", noting that its diversification across retailers allows it to absorb the impact of events Borders closing. Not only that, Kobo said, but Borders contributions were a minority of Kobo sales. So the company is fine.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • more importantly

    will M$ continue its despicable lawsuit against kobo and android?
    Linux Geek
    • RE: With Borders dead, what's going to happen with Kobo?

      @Linux Geek

      Yawn. Go download some distros and fiddle with your UI. I'd say use some apps or games, but we both know that isn't going to happen.
      • RE: With Borders dead, what's going to happen with Kobo?

        Yawn, go watch 3D movies on glasses-free 3D monitors, and complain about having to wear the glasses.
  • Sure hope Kobo survives

    Here in Canada, Kobo is sold by our big national bookstore chain. Its the only e-reader that you can buy books by Canadian authors. The Kindle only lets you buy books from the American e-store, and the Canadian authors aren't there. There's some great books out there that Kindle is completely missing. So, I hope the Kobo continues on for a long time to come.
    • RE: With Borders dead, what's going to happen with Kobo?

      @Rexxrally As far as I know, Chapters is just fine. I haven't heard of any problems. (Chapters is the Canadian parent company of Borders for those in the US) As much as I like ebooks, I do hope that the bricks and mortar store makes it. I can spend hours in there.
  • RE: With Borders dead, what's going to happen with Kobo?

    Kobo is a Canadian based company, with international sales. It has associated itself with a number of chain book-stores around the world. Borders was only one of these. There is a Kobo book store (independant of Borders), and apparently Kobo did not even sell a great many titles through Borders anyway.

    So I think the future is bright for Kobo. It (for me) is the best no-frills reader out there. If all you want to do is read, it is cheaper and better than the alternatives.