XpanD debuts first Bluetooth-enabled, active-shutter 3D glasses

XpanD debuts first Bluetooth-enabled, active-shutter 3D glasses

Summary: While 3D home technology might seem like overkill this point after being the center of CES 2010 coverage all week, but it's just not stopping. XpanD jumped in the arena by debuting their active-shutter 3D glasses, paired to work with VIZIO’s new Pro range of XVT HD3D televisions.


While 3D home technology might seem like overkill this point after being the center of CES 2010 coverage all week, but it's just not stopping.

XpanD jumped in the arena by debuting their active-shutter 3D glasses, paired to work with VIZIO’s new Pro range of XVT HD3D televisions.

XpanD is toting their new glasses around as the world's first set of 3D spectacles to use Bluetooth. In fact, that's how the glasses will communicated with VIZIO Full HD3D TVs. Apparently, XpanD is saying that this series of VIZIO HDTVs will display 3D content "that can be viewed only with XpanD glasses." Or maybe at least until someone else develops Bluetooth-enabled 3D glasses.

The LCD lenses will also be making appeareances in movie theaters across the country, and they'll have built-in antitheft tags that would be activated by exit-door sensors if someone tries to walk out with a pair.

The XpanD 3D glasses will retail for about $50.

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  • 3D, Glasses are the big problem

    $50 each, So if I want to have a gathering with lets say 4 of my friends, my girl friend & myself to watch a movie, I have to spend at least $300 for glasses?!? Then try to get everyone connected, try to make sure they are all charged, try to sit everyone in the "viewing zone" so they can get the 3D effect...... way too much going on to watch a movie.

    Then I have to store these glasses somewhere safe, try to keep them away from my kids or being left on the couch & being sat on. Can?t get up & make a sandwich in the kitchen & keep watching the movie, have to sit in a certain spot & have the furniture arranged to support the prime viewing zone.....

    I just don't see 3D TV in the home as anything but a gimmick until the 3D glasses go away & the technology is much improved. Not sure why all the manufacturers are putting so much into it at this point. It?s just not ready for prime time yet.
    • And if one, or more, of your friends wear eyeglasses...

      ...it should be a REAL treat for them to try and get these 3D glasses on OVER their own eyeglasses.

      Convenient and comfortable? I seriously doubt it.

      This will be the BetaMax of the 21st century.
      • I am ROTFLOL

        Betamax of the 21st century.... That is fantastic. You are so right about that!
      • All 3d glasses fit over regular glasses

        As a 3d shutter glass wearer for 15 years since they came out. The first one were wired or infrared sensored wireless. They are designed to fit over your regular glasses. Make sure all glasses are cleaned before wear, 6 eyed!
      • Have you...

        ...actually attended a 3D movie? I have, and the glasses go over my prescription glasses quite comfortably.

        These look like they're pretty much the same form factor.
    • Agreed ...

      ... and don't forget the fact that whenever I've worn 3D glasses I've suffered additional eye-strain -- especially when I used to wear prescription lenses before Lasik. That coupled with the fact that when I am watching a movie, I want to be as relaxed as possible -- uncomfortable, one-size-fits-all glasses don't meet that requirement.

      Definitely a gimmick! But then ... that's what consumer electronics manufacturers are good at doing -- creating the next "to-die_for" gimmick to reap profits. More power to them, but I'm not in the market.
      David A. Pimentel
    • Why?

      The manufacturers feel that they aren't making enough money from HD.

      They (and their politician lackeys) have managed to con people into buying $5K+ TVs over the past couple of years and the consumers are starting to demand lower prices.

      That is to say, most people aren't interested in buying $5K+ HD TVs any more, so they are pushing this new gimmick to jack up their profits (and pacify the greedy stock traders on Wall Street).

  • RE: XpanD debuts first Bluetooth-enabled, active-shutter 3D glasses

    They will lose most of the glasses used in cinemas
    some bright spark will come up with a way of beating the detectors on the way out probably something simple like kitchen foil! looks like airport type searches
    back to the drawing board...
  • 3D doesn't work for everyone!

    I have very poor, near blind vision in my right eye. From what I've heard of 3d, it requires to good eye's to experience.

    So until they put the 3d on the TV screen itself so that we who have suffered eye damage can experience it, I'll not be in the market.
    • I am sorry to hear that, but

      3D displays of any sort are about re-creating the depth perception that people
      ordinarily experience around themselves all day long. The gimmick here is to
      make the material look more like live action than a moving picture.

      ButIff someone has vision damage or another anomaly in their vision in one eye
      then that he or she (or you) don't have any or seriously limited depth perception

      So understanding that you might have nothing to gain from this expanded visual
      experience, I don't know what you're expecting them to do, anyway?

      It's just like someone who is deaf in one ear saying "why do these people
      bother with stereo speakers? And now who cares about surround sound!?"

      There is certainly a fractional limit to the market, but c'mon--what are you
      saying here?

      If you don't have depth perception all day long anyway, why poopoo someone
      who is trying to recreate it fo those who do??
  • This is not a review

    The link to this article said "Read The Review" but this is obviously nothing more than a press release. Fine piece of work.

    I'm sending in the packages from various electronic products that I've purchased recently. You can clip off the "Product Features" and post them as "Reviews" as a service to your readers.
  • RE: XpanD debuts first Bluetooth-enabled, active-shutter 3D glasses

    I like that the glasses can be used with the television and the family can watch 3D movies. We are big on movies. I did not like that there was no price or scecifications added so that if I wanted to buy the product I could. I would recommend this podcast to a fellow student who might be interested in ideas for viewing entertainment. I would vote the podcast a three stars.
  • 3D doesn't work for everyone (Obviously)

    Neither do stereo headphones! Or bicycles, or even glasses. In fact some people are blind and can not see without glasses.