Yahoo wants to take over your TV, launches 30 new apps

Yahoo wants to take over your TV, launches 30 new apps

Summary: Forget about mobile apps. Yahoo wants to sell you apps for your 'net-TV.


Yes, you read the headline correctly. Yahoo, the (former?) online search giant, wants to be on your television--well, TVs that are tethered to the 'net. With more and more televisions acting like oversized LCD monitors that go online either via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, Yahoo wants to be your source for apps to enhance your television viewing experience. It already powers the TV app experience for more than 8 million households on leading brand TVs including VIZIO, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and LG since 2009. But can it build on its lead?

Yahoo just launched 30 new TV apps today, which means there are now over 120 apps on the Yahoo! Connected TV platform. There are apps for online video viewing and hosting (Vimeo), on-demand movies (BigStar), shopping (Home Shopping Network), photo album (Joomeo), and even non-stop commercials (Ford TV, SGNL by Sony).

The most interesting app to me is the free NHL GameCenter™ app, which offers real-time stats and news while you watch the latest playoff game. Full-length archived and classic games dating back to the 1960's can also be accessed by linking an NHL Vault™ or NHL GameCenter LIVE™ subscription. I would love to relive the 1994 battle between the New York Rangers and the Vancouver Canucks for the Stanley Cup on the big screen, because YouTube clips just don't do it justice.

Have any of you tried any of these or other TV apps from Yahoo? Do they enhance your viewing experience?

[Image from Yahoo! Connected TV]

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  • I have a couple Yahoo apps turned on

    But not very many. I could care less about 'social media' on my TV. Nice to get a local forecast. I'll check out the new stuff once my Vizio TV makes them available.
    Jim Johnson
  • RE: Yahoo wants to take over your TV, launches 30 new apps

    Jim Johnson. I like your thinking about Yahoo apps showing on my tv. I have a smartphone that does all that. Why would anyone want to add apps to their TV. Seems like a waste of money to me.
  • RE: Yahoo wants to take over your TV, launches 30 new apps

    I figure if you're willing to pay money to get more crap on your TV, then maybe you're spending too much time watching TV and leaving "real life" behind..... Once again, just because you CAN do something, doesn't necessarily mean you should...
  • RE: Yahoo wants to take over your TV, launches 30 new apps

    Yahoo seems to be in too many ventures and not doing any of them well. I would like to see them get Yahoo Mail to stay on SSL full time, like Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, and Twitter, before spending resources on all sorts of TV ventures.
  • LG BD player apps

    Didn't think they were Yahoo apps. I use Netflix constantly. Use YouTube, VuDu, Weather, and something else that has How-To videos only occasionally. Search is weak link in all these apps.