Libe Goad

Texas native Libe Goad resides in New York City and has spent the past decade covering technology and video games for publications including Blender, PC Magazine, Bust, Seventeen and Sync.

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Sony relaunches PlayStation Network

Sony has finally brought the PlayStation Network back online. PS3 users need to install new firmware and change passwords before they can access the service. But will they bother?

May 14, 2011 by Peter Cohen


The Facebook gaming gold rush: Is it over?

Has the bubble already burst on the Facebook gaming market? A recent AdAge article says 'yes,' especially for smaller game developers who are trying to make their games stand out in an otherwise very crowded space.

May 6, 2011 by Libe Goad


Foodzy: New app promises to make losing those lovehandles more like a game

If you know anything about the gaming world -- being trim and fit doesn’t exactly fit the stereotype of the average game player (trust me, it’s a tough balance to maintain). However, several sites and applications have shown that using game-like elements can help you lose those extra 10, 20, 40 stubborn pounds.

May 5, 2011 by Libe Goad