Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

Summary: Sony said in a blog post that the PlayStation Store will be online by the end of the month. Are you looking forward to buying new downloadable games and content for your PS3?

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Looks like the PlayStation Store is coming back online in the next few days, even though it wasn't up on Tuesday, as some prior indications suggested it might be.

Sony took part of its PlayStation Network offline for a time on Tuesday to perform scheduled maintenance, noting its plans on its official PlayStation blog. The company took the opportunity to explain that the maintenance wouldn't bring the PlayStation Store back up at the same time.

The confusion stemmed from a confidential Sony memo leaked last week in which Tuesday, May 24, 2011 was mentioned as the possible restart date for PlayStation Store services. The store has been offline since April, when Sony turned off access to its PlayStation Network and other services following a hacker break-in that exposed personal information on tens of millions of user accounts.

Sony later downplayed the memo, saying that it wasn't May 24th wasn't a hard start date. The memo had been sent to Sony publishing partners and PlayStation 3 developers whose software has been unavailable for purchase since the PlayStation Store went offline in April.

The scheduled maintenance to PSN on Tuesday took registration and account management capabilities offline, according to Sony, with "the majority of consumers" still able to play online and sign in to Web sites that use PSN authentication.

But a trailing comment at the end of the blog post gave gamers looking for answers on the PlayStation Store reboot the information they'd been waiting for:

"For those asking about the PlayStation Store, we’re still targeting restoration of all services by the end of this month. Contrary to reports, the Store will not be publishing today," noted Jeff Rubenstein, Sony social media manager, in the blog post.

By 8:30 PM Eastern Time, Sony noted that the scheduled PSN maintenance was done through its official Twitter presence.


Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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  • Hopefully!

    To be honest, I really don't care about the PSN store at this moment. Sony already got the network back up and running so we can play online and get the online trophies. I'm pretty sure I can speak for all the PS fanboys and say that we can wait for the wait.
    • You DO NOT speak for me...

      @CF_Gunbike but then again, Im a bit more grown than a boy. I consider myself a 'fan-man' and as lame as it is I couldnt game with my family in another city, I feel my data and electronic devices attached to my PS3 are MUCH MORE important than simply some silly online game play ...and Im a HUGE CoD'er so belive me when I say it sucked.
      If you are also am adult, versus a child whos mommy buys everything for them, then you should understand the need for security, especially on internet enabled devices. It should also become clear with that knowledge that Sony should NOT have restored network functionality before addressing the lack of protection on individual consoles.
      When was the last time you went and used your trophy for anything in the real world..?
      Double Aught Code
      • really?

        @Double Aught Code

        Honestly, a real adult would never speak to anyone in such a childish manner. It's ok to state your opinion, but why be so harsh and rude about it?

        You do realize that you criticized someone for taking an interest in trophies and "silly online play" when at the same time you also claim to be a "HUGE CoD'er". How is one better or any less pointless than the other "in the real world"?

        Just something to think about.
      • RE: Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

        @Double Aught Code -Agreed. I had to cancel my card, change my passwords, and check my credit report all because of Sony's lackluster security through this debacle. Sony Japan has refused to reinstate their online services because they feel it's still not secure enough... YET, they allow the US and Europe to go back online anyways? Knowing it still isnt as secure as it possibly could be? That level of arrogance is astounding. The security of your customers information, and the network itself should be PARAMOUNT, not rushing through just to let kiddies back online to play "Black Ops" with their little friends. Frankly, the entire network should have remained down (as it is in Japan) until they can secure the network as best as possible. Sony has now suffered no less than 10 attacks in recent days, across a number of countries and Sony subsidiaries. Sony still has not learned.
        Animus et Illuminat
    • RE: Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

      @CF_Gunbike-Yes. Spoken like a true "fanboy". As long as you can play online with your little friends, you dont really care about the actual issues involved here. Ignorance is bliss I guess. A lot of "bliss" going around here atm...
      Animus et Illuminat
    • RE: Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

      @CF_Gunbike Dude at least think a little before you speak. I want the PS store back up cause I just bought the hardened edition off of E-Bay and need to make sure the code fing works. So shut your face you seventh grader. Go noob tube in MW2 so you can continue to be an ass.
    • I suppose...

      @CF_Gunbike are right. Its bad enough that I cant download my games that I OWN from the PSN; over $1000 worth, but I should be a bit more respectful of those others affected. To that I apologise.

      While I am a HUGE COD head, I wish that we could disable trophies if we so chose. It does little for me to 'win' one and depending on where Im gaming can get irratated waiting for the info to DL so I can get a solid game signal. However; as someone who honestly could be looking at repairing his credit, I dont honestly relish the thought someone may go counter to my ongoing efforts. This is why I consider online capability "silly", for the time being as many Asian PSN servers are JUST being allowed by the governemnts to come back online and some of them have the MOST laxed internet laws out there. It was simply my frustrations coming out and even though I try to advocate DIRECTING our complaints to Sony and not each other, Im only human ...just as you are.

      Noaln Hass - SCEA Consumer Service Director, Forrest City, CA
      650-655-5920 -DIRECT LINE (its usually voicemail though cause I call it more than youde think)
      650-655-8000 -Main Reception (after hours you can spell names of comapny officials to leave them messages)

      I suggest we both try telling people who might care about both our plights, eh!!!
      Double Aught Code
  • RE: Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

    Not having the Store up makes the PSP Go I bought a month ago kinda useless.
    • RE: Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month


      What you cant get to a game store and buy the games? Cant order them on line? It might be more difficult but it hardly makes your go useless.
      • RE: Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

        @Stan57 The PSP Go is a smaller version of the PSP that eschews the Universal Media Disc (UMD) drive all together. So the only way to get content for the Go is to buy it online, specifically from the PlayStation Store. So yeah, it's pretty much been a doorstop for the last month.
    • The Few Users I Feel For.

      @Tiberious While I do not own a PSP, and will wait to see if they address some concerns me and others have posted, I feel especially for the PSP Go users. I have over $1000 in DLC alone, and only own like three physical disks, but my PS3 still worked in the downtime.
      PSP Go owners should recieve a little extra in their 'Welcome Back' package if you ask me ...and again I dont even own one.
      Double Aught Code
      • RE: Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

        @Double Aught Code Yeah I agree Double Aught Code! I haven't even been able to load the 3 free games that came on a DVD with the PSP Go because it requires you to log into the store to authenticate. So even though I have the media in my hand I still can't install it! I wouldn't mind so much if I had a couple games to mess around with until the server is fully restored, but basically have an MP3 player at the moment. It would be nice if Sony gave the Go users something a little extra. :-)

    While I was severly bummed about the network being down, I would much rather they insure we are safe. Unfortunatly, this is not whats occured. The same hack that was used to 'exploit' their network(s) can also, thru some private investiagtion and no thanks to a 'GeeHesNot' for releasing the private key, can be used on a PS3 and in turn exploit the network it is authorized on. This is why I have never allowed 'media server' functionality ...but even that doesnt shut it up. Bottom line is that while their networks are very important to have locked down, as they have personal information stored, I feel mine is JUST AS IMPORTANT; if not more. By ignoring the fact that malicous users are out there exploiting the hack I have posted as we speak, they CONTINUE to put us, thier bread and butter, at risk thru arrogance in thinking no one understands their 'proprietary firmware', even though two years of eveidence is available on many PS3 exploitation sites.
    The consoles REQUIRE individual security meaures that a user can choose to use or not. While it would not do much as far as Sony Corporate security is concerned, it would allow me and other users to use their PS3 in confidence.
    Here are just a few things they NEED:
    Disable ALL chat -both for messaging and IN-GAME(not currently available.
    Some form of packet encryption, malicous code blocking(not just for the browser as this would stop MANY ingame cheats), or a form of an SPI firewall -all to be turned off or on bu the PS3 owner.
    Block non-friend messaging -this is a huge risk to the youth using the PS3. While I can do some things to prevent unwanted contect to my children using the system, I CANNOT block a malicous user from sending illicit messages and/or photos.

    While there are defintly other measures that could be taken, as far as the console itslef is concerned, they simply seem interested in anti-piracy with little regard for the customers who are actually spending money.
    Double Aught Code
  • RE: Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

    Exactly! The PSP Go is tied directly to the Playstation Store for any type of media whether it be games, movies, etc... Can not buy from Gamestop or online. :-(
  • Hacker challenge

    Hackers think they are punishing Sony. All they are doing is accessing my personal information. I challenge these geeks to come out of their parents basement and see me in person and I will let them know what I think of trying to steal from me.
    • RE: Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

      @rwillw74 -Okay, but If I whoop ya can I have your 500GB SATA drive?
      Animus et Illuminat
      • RE: Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

        @Animus et Illuminat - Once again face to face. Wouldnt stand a chance.
  • RE: Sony promises PlayStation Store by end of month

    LOL... how many times will Sony get hacked?
  • Muppets the lot of you...

    Reading through these comments I do find it amusing you all blame Sony, it is true they should of had an adequate level of security, but no one forced you to use your credit cards, I have never used mine, why? Because I don't trust sony, I went out and got a reloadable top up mastercard, even if the info is stolen the card is useless since it will never have more then I put on it, cant be overdrawn or anything. As for my personal details, who said I was actually dumb enough to use my real ones ;)
    You all took the easy and convenient route (to use the store) like Sony, now you are paying for it end of.
    You all suffer from one of two fatal flaws, taking the easy route or being "too trusting"
    I personally am happy it is back up so I can game online, especially games like Socom confrontation, lost planet 2 the ones I only play online and the host of other games I Got that wont work unless you are signed in.
    But then I wouldn't expect casual gamers to understand that.
  • They also said...

    ...they were virgins to this kind of thing, found out they'd already been worked over in 2008!!!
    Double Aught Code