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Dana Gardner is president and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, an enterprise IT analysis, market research, and consulting firm.

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Microsoft becomes one developer's new hero

A developer writes that he sees more income in his future by developing in Visual Studio and, via Mono and blessed by the Novell-Microsoft pact, deploys easily to Windows or Linux. He says that Microsoft just waited for Linux to gain sufficient market share for them to begin to monetize it, in addition to Windows, albeit at lesser margins.

November 3, 2006 by Dana Gardner


Who should fear Microsoft's lawyers most?

The real end-game for open source then is the rest of the stack, right up to and including the business applications. The new questions are: Will the JBoss model be repeatable and allow Red Hat to successfully move up the stack? Can they do it without IBM and Oracle? Will SOA emerge as a strong open source alternative? Will the hardware providers begin to give away the software, ala Sun, to pressure the non-hardware software players on price and make the profit from the hardware alone? Will the SaaS providers squeeze the business applications profits even as the profits in the Linux bottom of the stack wither?

November 2, 2006 by Dana Gardner


Microsoft and Novell: Fox marries chicken, both move into henhouse

One has to surmise that the Oracle move on Unbreakable Linux must have played into the timing, if not the substance, of this Microsoft-Novell barn-burner. As I blogged just this week, Oracle has reshuffled the deck and forced the hand of all the players in the open source business. We look to IBM with tired eyes.

November 2, 2006 by Dana Gardner


Subscriber content on the PC -- for consumers or business audiences first?

But what if you employed a TPM-enabled content subscriber management platform? And you told the prospective audience that you'll get them really good content for free if they tell about themselves, and the chip enables management of that ID-to-subsciption relationship? You get controlled circulation for the web. That's an even better model than Google matching ads based on search criteria. By golly, it's an even better attention-to-intention model.

November 2, 2006 by Dana Gardner


Remote PC fix-it businesses fight malware as they help users ramp up for Vista

When PCs face trouble, or when users want their maintenance and malware protection automated, PC remediation companies are not just asking users to drop off the hardware in the next town -- the technicians can actually enter the PC remotely via the Internet and fix the problem at the users desk ... anywhere. All it takes is a phone and an Internet connection.

October 31, 2006 by Dana Gardner

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RAD AJAX gets a boost from latest InterSystems release

Cache has done quite well in the medical and government areas, but clearly these RAD and mapping features make it worth a look for instances where data-driven applications require rich UIs and fast time to value. As the majority of SOA services are data services, Cache may also be well-positioned for a data services delivery optimization role.

October 31, 2006 by Dana Gardner


Race is on for a Web 2.0 suite alternative

The question is: What will be the alternatives for Web 2.0 business functions as either a service or a product suite? Microsoft? Or will there be an open source, non-Google set of alternatives? As much as I like Google and their business offerings, I'd like to see alternatives thrive in the marketplace. Look how well wikipedia does sans Google. Why not an open source Web 2.0 suite that remains, heavens ... commercial open source.

October 31, 2006 by Dana Gardner


It's IBM's Move: More musings on the Oracle Unbreakable Linux flap

If Oracle is going after the model, and not the company, then IBM -- and again, oddly, the other global systems integrators -- will need to come to open source's ... errr, Red Hat's, aid. Their future is services, even as Oracle bets that it can live on business applications licenses long enough to hollow-out the open source business model.

October 30, 2006 by Dana Gardner


Ecological tag-team approach ramps up in SOA

The "playing well" attributes of SOA infrastructure components will no doubt play out in unpredictable ways over the next five years. And it will heavily influence the decisions my enterprises as they seek the best risk-reduction balance between best-of-breed and common-integrated-stacks approaches.

October 30, 2006 by Dana Gardner


Interesting take: Oracle will buy Red Hat in takeover bid

I don't need to repeat the logic, but here's an interesting scenario whereby Oracle scares down Red Hat's value such that it becomes an attractive takeover target.I'm not sure Red Hat Enterprise Linux (not to mention JBoss) owned by Oracle would make enterprises particularly happy.

October 26, 2006 by Dana Gardner