Dana Gardner

Dana Gardner is president and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, an enterprise IT analysis, market research, and consulting firm.

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Bit pipes win if they can give users the tools to manage services and content

Let the true competition between the IP pipes people move from the hoarding of locked-down content (which is quickly moving to seemingly free, where it should be) to the services interface and intelligent filtering capabilities, the higher value-added services of user empowerment and convienent management of all the services regardless of origin.

April 2, 2006 by Dana Gardner


SOA governance demands a human face

Some insightful words from Cape Clear CEO Annrai O'Toole: While governance affects the entire application life-cycle, the critical issues relate to the challenges highly distributed development imposes on human-to-human communication during design-time. We believe that the right tools to design and manage all the human aspects of SOA look more like a Wiki than a formal database.

March 24, 2006 by Dana Gardner