Community podcast directory makes great sense

Community podcast directory makes great sense

Summary: I can also see where an or Gestures Bank approach could be well applied to this open community directory of podcasts to begin to further qualify which types of folks like which types of podcasts.

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Dave Winer and a burgeoning chorus of supporters are proposing a fresh go at a community directory for podcasts. What an excellent idea.

I certainly support it, and I have $100 toward the effort as well.

Perhaps an associated Wiki for each podcast show or series would help listeners organically categorize and identify them? Perhaps a quasi Digg- and/or Amazon ratings-like function could be applied to each episode to allow for podcasts to be simply rated, not just by purely quantitative or link-a-thon means, but via perceived value ratings, both within B2B and entertainment general categories. For example: "This podcast really helped me better understand how to ... in my business. I rate it an 8 out 10 on the business-value scale."

I can also see where an or Gesture Bank approach could be well applied to this open community directory of podcasts to begin to further qualify which types of folks like which types of podcasts. Listeners could voluntarily provide their even most basic use-and-interests meta data, which could provide a beginning of open metrics for assessing and defining affinity groups or channels of interest within larger podcasts groupings. Such meager metrics would really help in applying sponsorships to podcasts, and prompt more content creators to rely on the open directory primarily.

Ya, let's get going. Go, Dave, go.

Topic: Open Source

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  • Podcast/webcast directory

    At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, my company has created at least a step in the direction you are talking about. It doesn't have space for ratings and user commentary (interesting idea!), but it does let individuals and companies post links to their webcasts and podcasts along with keywords, intended audience, topics, speakers, etc. They can list both upcoming events for a certain date/time and archived events that are available on-demand.

    Both listings and search are free and you can subscribe to RSS feeds to get notice of new postings either for the entire site or within a topic area.

    Please feel free to check it out:

    I may take a stab at adding the community-related functionality you talked about.

    --Ken Molay
    Webinar Success
  • - the uber community directory

    There seems to be some hubbub around the concept of a
    ?community podcast directory? and in fact it is one of the core
    reasons we have built (and continue to build) in the
    way we have - forming a solid content data foundation, with
    easy tools - then slapping that data into a great UI, for the web,
    mobiles and desktop. And btw with a simple neutral URL to find
    the good stuff?;)

    'Community Directories' are exactly what you will have available
    at, in open OPML and RSS for you to consume and
    manipulate, using easy tools we are building here for you.
    Soon, you will be able to log in to, create an
    account - get a super hot URL for your podcast directory and fill
    her up!

    In fact the other day in a matter of minutes we pulled together in an OPML file for easy consumption and
    findability of all Canadian podcasts. The call came from http:// who was maintaining the node
    for the old community directory that has been abandoned ? we
    fixed up the OPML to comply with the spec via our toolset and
    voila Canadian podcasts are cranking again. We left the custom
    tags in there. You can find it here :

    We have also been testing out various nodes ?
    ? ? ?
    The power of OPML inclusion will make it very easy to connect
    many different users' podcast directories together to form an
    infinite growth of trees of directories, mashed up any way you

    So the ?root? of this directory is in place?.come on in and