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Armed with a degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Journalism, Josh keeps a close eye on the telecommunications industry, the National Broadband Network, and all the goings on in government IT.

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Seven degrees of Israel tech boycott

I'm all for boycotting companies that go against my ethical principles but I really don't think that Marrickville Council thought about all the technology that is linked with Israel before deciding to boycott goods and services related to the country.

April 14, 2011 by


Conroy circles shock jock in NBN debate

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has gone head-to-head with one of the conservative Sydney shock jocks he last week singled out as muddying the debate around the roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN): 2UE Afternoons host Mike Smith.

April 5, 2011 by


Libs short-sighted? Pot kettle Conroy

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy should be more careful with what he says about internet kill switches if he wants to keep labelling the Coalition as short-sighted in its opposition to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

February 3, 2011 by