Android Market for business coming next week

Android Market for business coming next week

Summary: This is a smart move -- it sounds like Google is about to launch an Android market targeted at business users. If Android is going to be a player in the enterprise/business market, a consumer based market that hosts world class fart apps just doesn't cut it.

TOPICS: Apps, Google

This is a smart move -- it sounds like Google is about to launch an Android market targeted at business users. If Android is going to be a player in the enterprise/business market, a consumer based market that hosts world class fart apps just doesn't cut it.

A business market is one that, if done correctly, could be a win for both consumers, and developers. I've talked a lot about what I think the problems with the Android Market are, and I think this could be an easy way for Google to rectify some of those problems.

The first problem is that all apps are accepted without any kind of review process. At first that sounds like a great idea, but soon you realize that quality of apps is greatly diminished without them.

The vast majority of apps in the Android Market are free -- and the ones that aren't have trouble making enough money to be worth it. With the new business market, perhaps they will finally encourage developers to charge money?

What do you think, will Google do it right, or stick with their guns and keep everything the same as the Android Market with simply new branding?

Topics: Apps, Google

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  • RE: Android Market for business coming next week

    Maybe I'm missing something, but the story you link to is
    talking about Google Apps (Docs, etc.) and says nothing
    about Android, other than this would be similar to how the Android
    Market works.

    I would certainly welcome something like this for the Android
    Market, but if you're basing this post off of another post, I
    think you have misread that story.

    Any independant verification of any of this?
  • What's wrong with fart applications?

    The 30 or so I've found in the Android Marketplace seem quite good,
    the original "pull my finger", which if you'll recall, raised such an
    outcry when Apple pulled it from the App store that they had to
    reinstate it, is available in the marketplace.

    Fart applications are freedom, Google is about freedom, freedom to
    consume their ads.

    Too bad if your Android business applications advertise your
    competitors or target your employees with employment offers.

    Will the "supported by advertising" model work for business?
  • Web Based Android Market

    A web based Android market would also be a smart move.
    For now there is
    to discover, compare, download apps from the browser
    instead of the phone.
    • Good link

      Thanks for passing along the link to appbrain. I've been using, which is better than Cyrket, and certainly better
      than what Google has to offer outside of the phone itself.

      I have to say, I'm utterly surprised that Google has been so slow
      to really do anything to address this. That fact that there are (at
      least) 3 independent sites picking up the slack here is welcome,
      but a bit odd.
  • RE: Android Market for business coming next week

    Anything to better organize the Market. I only read English yet have to scroll through hundreds of foreign language apps in each category. The descriptions on both the free and pay ones are usually not very accurate. Outside of BA and USAA very few companies have ported their apps to Android. GEICO, CNBC as a few who make Droid users second class customers. Many apps are written by programmers affiliated with the company (most news sites), and when you check the permissions they want access to everything on your phone, something reputable companies who write their own app don't ask for. I would pay for a few key sites I regularly use that are free on the internet just to access the features.
  • Android's business market will be huge

    Android's business market is going to become massive. BlackBerry is the most popular platform at the moment, but that's because of email being the major app. There are also enterprises fleeing the collapse of Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform.

    As enterprise moves past the email mentality and looks for a platform for running applications, they'll choose Android, because of the way it can be used in a multitude of form-factor devices. So Android provides one platform that can be used for executives, all the way to personnel who require specialized industrial or rugged devices (that used to be run on WinMo).
    • Only if they increase in size ....

      .... and I'm not talking about market size.

      Even the screen in the iPhone is too small to do much. That is probably one of the reasons Apple created the iPad.

      The size of a screen limits what you can do .... (although I have met a few people who have made an art out of writing huge documents on a crappy Crackberry with a 1" screen). To do more than simple email, the size of the screen must grow.
  • You're all mistaken

    Am I the only one who noticed that the "app
    store" that the Mashable article mentions has
    NOTHING to do with Android? This is NOT another
    Android Market. This IS a channel for 3rd party
    developers to sell to Google Apps customers.

    Apparently people see the words "app store" and
    immediately think "mobile". You'll all see in a
    few days that this has nothing to do with

    EDIT: My apologies to the 1st commenter.
    Obviously I missed your comment before posting
    mine. Glad somebody else made the same
    • No worries

      I'm glad somebody else caught it as well.

      Still waiting on a comment from the author of this particular blog
      post, however...
  • RE: Android Market for business coming next week

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  • RE: Android Market for business coming next week

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