Blekko: Cool for the geekorati, but no Google killer

Blekko: Cool for the geekorati, but no Google killer

Summary: Blekko is novel, interesting, and even useful, but only the geek elite are ready for it. Besides, Google knows what we mean anyway.

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How many people do you know who type URLs into their search bar or a search engine (if it's their default home page) instead of typing it into their address bar? The answer is probably "too many." So many, in fact, that it just isn't worth correcting them anymore. So now imagine telling these same people that they can not only conduct sophisticated searches in that search engine text box, but they can use a system of slashes to refine their searches on the fly. Yeah. Good luck with that one. This, however, is the basis for Blekko, a new search engine that entered public beta today. Here's a video explaining how it works:

blekko: how to slash the web from blekko on Vimeo.

Blekko actually has great features and has managed to make search not only social but customizable. The built-in sort and prioritization syntax from their "slashtags" crank out good search results, just as advertised. Even making the slashtags customizable and social is a cool feature. And it's a feature that only about 1% of Internet users, the geekorati, will get and use. Because let's face it: Google does a pretty good job of telling you what you care about anyway. Google automatically builds a profile and even a tolerably formed search query will give the average user a decent set of results. Why would 99% of the users on the Web bother creating custom hash tags that they can share with their friends? You can even hook Blekko into your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but can you really imagine sharing with your Aunt Tilly that you just created a super-cool new search tag for Blekko and telling her that she should really check it out? No, I don't think so. This is an example, with Blekko founder, Rich Skrenta's Sun Engineering pedigree, Silicon Valley venture capital, and Michael Arrington's glowing review, of plenty of geeks not thinking like consumers. This is one company, however, that Google should snap up right now, take advantage of their IP, implement some of their more useful features like spam flagging and advanced syntax for power users.

Topic: Google

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  • RE: Blekko: Cool for the geekorati, but no Google killer

    If "Blekko" has anything users want, Google will add it to their engine sooner or later. No reason to switch.
  • RE: Blekko: Cool for the geekorati, but no Google killer

    Google buying Blekko is probably the #1 liquidity event in their business plan.
  • RE: Blekko: Cool for the geekorati, but no Google killer

    If users are too dumb or lazy to type the url into the right field, how are they expected to comprehend or use this new function?
  • RE: Blekko: Cool for the geekorati, but no Google killer

    I think you are all wrong, Google's priority is to pump as many websites as it can at you so it can make a return on advertising, which in reality are often useless and junk /spam, How many of you have searched Wordpress themes and spent 3 days like me and been sick of viewing results from the same rubbish from sites over and over from multiple query's?

    With Blekko I can banish the /spam and anything I don't like forever or until I decide I want to see results from that site again.

    That's a powerful concept, and no one has ever done that before this means I can view a site once, if I don't like it remove the many thousands of pages from my search that might show up under numerous query's I do.

    This is about a search revolution, the ability for you the person searching to decide for yourself, and having the search algorithm filter and customize itself to you on the fly.

    Google gives you no power what so ever, all you can do is hope you "get lucky" or avoid the /spam or parked websites while you do multiple searches.

    Google would never ever allow you to control what you want to see and what you don't because it would loose money from /spam advertisers, content farmers, and other such junk websites that only serve to make Google and them profit over the time wasted by an end user.

    Now you have a real choice, Google it, or Blekko it.
  • Blekko is too much work

    Blekko is definitely a cool new search engine. The slash tag feature is unique and gives it an edge that people will be interested in. However, I do not think it will ever reach the popularity of Google due to it?s complicated nature. I think Google?s greatest strengths is it?s simplicity; it?s so easy anyone can use it to it?s full potential. Blekko is not like that.

    Coming from someone who doesn?t have a lot of time on her hands, having to learn how to use a search engine does not appeal to me when I have Google available. Of course I took the time to learn about Blekko, but I?m in the industry. I don?t think the average person will want to do that.

    I?ve done some research and I think the best new search engine is Bweezy. Similar name, but very different from Blekko. Bweezy offers Google results, which I love. It also lets you open search results in the same window as the search, which eliminates the need to open a ton of tabs! I?d check it out if you?re into new search engines.
  • RE: Blekko: Cool for the geekorati, but no Google killer

    what was wrong with Boolean values in search (+ & -)??
    they do the same thing in most any search engine, and don't have the big problem of using "/"xyz whats the problem? "/" already has a convention, that's the problem...
    current user