Dropbox: Now one more reason to want a Nexus One

Dropbox: Now one more reason to want a Nexus One

Summary: Or a Droid for that matter. I keep holding out for the Nexus One on Verizon, but the Apps are calling to me.

TOPICS: Mobility, Google

Or a Droid for that matter. I keep holding out for the Nexus One on Verizon, but the Apps are calling to me. I'm afraid the Blackberry just doesn't do it for me anymore. The latest to further fan the flames of my gadget lust? Dropbox, which is now free and cross-platform compatible on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android.

Google's Tim Bray tweeted the other day, "DropBox on Android. Obvious once you think of it," and it really is, given the push to the cloud represented by all things Google (in fact, wouldn't Dropbox be a great acquisition target?). For those of you unfamiliar with Dropbox, a little video goes a long ways towards explaining what it does:

Basically, it's a cloud-based file-sync app (in case you didn't watch the video). 2GB are free; you pay for more. The beauty, though, is not only your ability to access your files from any device (most recently, Android phones), but also from any web browser and to choose which files in your box are public. As Dropbox states in their blog post,

Access your Dropbox on the go – All the contents of your Dropbox are available for viewing. You can even stream music and movies in your Dropbox straight to your Android device...

Upload files and sync them to your Dropbox – Take a photo, shoot a video, or upload some audio from your Android phone and email its public link to a friend in less than a minute.

This might actually be a service I'd pay for (remember back in the day when 2GB seemed like a lot of space?). Sure, you can upload any file types and share them in Google Apps, but ironically, this integrates with Android more seamlessly. And for a mere $10 a month, you can have 50GB of storage available anytime, anywhere, on basically any device that matters (Palm...what?). Sure, Google's storage is a bit cheaper, but Dropbox is quite a bit slicker. What was that I was saying about acquisition targets?

Topics: Mobility, Google

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  • is it available?

    22nd march on their blog dropbox said "coming in
    the next couple of months"

    • Try it on PC :).

      Well, if you have multiple PCs, you can try it on
      the PCs while you wait for the version for your

      Dropbox also has an online interface which you
      could try while waiting.
      • duh :P

        i already have it on all 3 of my PCs an pay for
        the 50GB option!

        and i regularly use it thru the web interface to
        upload stuff from work

      • my objection...

        was more that the article is written as if it were
        already available rather than some "in a couple of
        months" vapor-ware

        incidentally there are a couple of dropbox apps
        already in the android market, just nothing
      • RE: Dropbox: Now one more reason to want a Nexus One

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  • thoughts

    Well, the one issue I have is that it only syncs one
    folder, whereas Microsoft's Live Mesh will sync almost
    any folder you choose. Which makes Live Mesh handy for
    synchronizing apps that store data in certain folders.

    That being said, Dropbox has delta sync, so I use it
    for large files. I't s actually a pretty good
    application, all things considered.

    "(in fact, wouldn?t Dropbox be a great acquisition

    Oh, g** no. Kill a perfectly good application? Yeah, I
    know what happens when businesses get acquired: 99% of
    the time they get ruined.
    • windows live sync (previously foldershare)

      does delta sync

      but i know Mesh and Skydrive are both "competing"
      with them
  • been doing the same thing with mobileme

    for quite a while now.
    • Funny how they missed THAT, huh?

      The iDisk app is wonderful on the iPhone, and
      when combined with the Windows control panel
      and/or the mobile me web interface you can
      instantly move files in any direction across Mac,
      Windows, and iPhone.
  • RE: Dropbox: Now one more reason to want a Nexus One

    Another great thing about dropbox is the increased limit for referals (now 8 GB extra!).

    Use this link for 250 MB additional space, for example:

  • RE: Dropbox: Now one more reason to want a Nexus One

    Interesting... I've been using dropbox on my iPhone for quite some time now and it works great... Glad to see you Android boys get it.
  • RE: Dropbox: Now one more reason to want a Nexus One

    I've been a huge fan of Dropbox since the early days and glad to see they are getting into mobile. It has been very interesting to watch them evolve over time. I love their service and their business model.

    A cool SlideShare presentation on Dropbox: http://www.forentrepreneurs.com/two-excellent-startup-presentations/