Gmail saves the day!

Gmail saves the day!

Summary: How Google is now finding stolen cars (sort of).


Don't worry, this isn't one of my "Hooray for Google, The Cloud is the way to go!" posts. This is just a great story from a reader yesterday.

The gentleman in the picture is Avrohom Eliezer Friedman, a reader with whom I frequently correspond over on my ZDNet Education blog. He looks happy in this picture, but Tuesday morning, he was not happy. His car had been stolen and, as he said, "the car wasn't worth much - but the plate is priceless."

I'm inclined to agree. That's commitment, right there.

Long story short, though, Gmail managed to save the day for Avrohom.

[I] spoke to the arresting officer - he said he saw the plate and decided to run it (I guess he wanted to see who the proud owner of a GMAIL plate was). Seeing it was stolen, he pulled the car over.

Not as good as "everyone was on the lookout for the GMAIL car. I am proud to be the officer who found it." But it's still good stuff.

Good stuff, indeed, Avrohom. Glad you got your license plate back (and, of course, your car).

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