Google commemorates 9/11 anniversary with restraint, tact

Google commemorates 9/11 anniversary with restraint, tact

Summary: Google should be commended for keeping its commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks understated and to the point, without going over the top.

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As an expatriated New Yorker, I just wanted to take a moment to commend Google for the way it's

commemorating the anniversary of the September 11 attacks - or rather, for the way it's not.

It would have been easy for Google to take its usual route for marking important holidays and events and replacing its logo with an over-the-top Google Doodlethat likely would have ended up feeling crass and disrespectful.

But instead, the search giant showed an admirable amount of restraint and tact by placing a ribbon and a "Remembering September 11th" link prominently under its search box (as seen to the right), with the homepage otherwise unchanged.

That link goes to a brief overview of Google's involvement in 9/11 remembrance projects, as explained by Andy Berndt of the Google Creative Lab in New York City:

The events of September 11, 2001 changed the lives of so many people around the world. In the years since that day, thoughtful online efforts have provided an outlet for grief, for learning and a means for healing. Virtual spaces have helped us to remember the victims and honor the courage of those who risked their lives to save others.

Berndt mentions Google's involvement in the 9/11 Memorial's Make History site, which let users place their photos and videos on a map, slowly putting together a collaborative timeline of that day. YouTube and Google helped The New York Times put together a video channel archiving news broadcasts and public reflections. A New Jersey fire department built a system called "First-Responder," at least partially on Google code and platforms, to help EMTs and emergency technicians coordinate in the face of crisis.

"It’s been an honor to see these tools being built using our platforms and products—and humbling to see them come to life," Berndt writes in conclusion.

I have to applaud Google for keeping their remembrance tactful, understated, and appropriately serious, without veering into the maudlin or morbid.

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During our 9/11 retrospective coverage, I invite you to post your thoughts and remembrances, but I also request you remain respectful and polite. This isn’t just a story of politics. This is a story of real people, their families, and their loss. Courtesy is demanded at a time like this. Thanks!

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  • Many places are commemorating 9/11

    It is kind of pathetic to single out and congratulate Google for doing something that many websites are doing. Some have being doing it every day for the last 10 years.<br><br>All Google did was put a link on the main website that sends you to a page with a few words that link to other pages with video and photos. Just about the same as many websites did today. Nothing particularly special.<br><br>So lets not be such fanboys and congratulate companies for doing nothing special, different or innovative in any way shape or form. <br><br>Special would be if Google donated lest say 25% of the revenue they make during a week to create scholarships for the children who lost their parents during the event.
  • RE: Google commemorates 9/11 anniversary with restraint, tact

    Given that the author's blog is specifically focused on google, it doesn't seem incredibly unreasonable for him to comment on google's treatment of the 9/11 anniversary...
  • RE: Google commemorates 9/11 anniversary with restraint, tact

    How dare they! I do NOT like the font!
  • RE: Google commemorates 9/11 anniversary with restraint, tact

    I personally think the author is spot on. It's not about praising Google for doing something and ignoring others. The whole point is....for once, Google didn't turn something meaningful into some kind of a circus side-show or marketing endeavor. It only took Google 15 years to finally show an once of class. Pointing this out seems like more of a 'kick-in-the-dick' than it does favoritism. It's like when the neighborhood dirtball gets decked out in a suit and actually look presentable. People will make note that 'he cleans up well'. People tend not to make point of your appearance when you always appear 'prim and proper'. Not that it goes unnoticed, it's just not conversation piece. It appears to me, that Google is simply the fat kid that smells like pee!
  • RE: Google commemorates 9/11 anniversary with restraint, tact

    Yes, I believe Google did this tastefully. Thanks for the comment.
  • And yet, Earth day or some other dumb day that somebody wants

    to commemorate or make a big deal of and about, get a virtual remake of the logo and front page. <br><br>Respectful would've been dedicating the front-page/start-page, in honor of those who died on 9/11 and the others who were called to make other sacrifices as a result of those attacks.<br><br>Google, plain and simple, was being cowardly, and they'd rather not ruffle the feathers of some distant customer base, than to honor the people who lost their lives and sacrificed so much. <br><br>Contrast what Google did with what Bing had for a start page: <br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br>Google is no better than the likes of Paul Krugman, who was like the grinch who stole the day of honor. <br><br>Google was cowardly and out-of-step with how Americans feel, and so is the author of the piece above.
  • RE: Google commemorates 9/11 anniversary with restraint, tact

    It???s not that they showed restraint with 9/11; it???s just that they go over-the-top with Google Doodles on most every other non-occasion.