Google+ gives Facebook exec the boot

Google+ gives Facebook exec the boot

Summary: When a Facebook executive gets banned from Google+ for using his real name, is it malice, or just an honest mistake?


In a trifecta of social networking drama, Facebook product director Blake Ross has taken to Twitter to complain about being banned from Google+ for violation of "Community Standards."

(Update: ReadWriteWeb reports that Ross' account has been reinstated, and an account deletion bot was the culprit.)

The "Community Standards" in question are usually invoked when a fake name is used on a Google+ profile. But that doesn't apply to Ross, who signed up for Google Plus under his real name. He's not even the only Blake Ross on Google's social network.

Ross wrote on Twitter:

"Google+ banned me for having the audacity to be named Blake Ross? Are they just banning all FB'ers? I smell fear."

My take: Google+ is expanding far faster than the search giant was prepared for, with 25 million users in just over a month. There's no excuse for Google's often draconian account deletion policies. But it's important not to attribute malice to what's probably just growing pains for the fledgling social network - even if it is a key executive from rival Facebook who got burned.

Of course, the real question is whether these mistakes are, in fact, growing pains - or Google+ getting stretched to breaking.

[L.A. Times]

Topics: Apps, Google, Social Enterprise

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  • Message has been deleted.

    William Farrell
    • RE: Google gives Facebook exec the boot

      @William Farrell
      +1. :D
      Ram U
      • I guess Google only has

        24,999,999, users now. :(
        William Farrell
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    • RE: Google gives Facebook exec the boot

      Since my post was wrongly deleted I'll repost it.

      This wasn't a mistake until they got caught. They purposely kicked him off Google+. This has been typical Google behavior since it was created. With all the bad press around G+ I'm can't believe anyone would continue using these services.
  • RE: Google gives Facebook exec the boot

    Yeah, they smell fear. They are over 25 million users.

    What a douchey idiot.
    • I know. If I had over 750 million users, and the competition

      had close to 25 million users, I'd be super worried, too! :)
      William Farrell
  • Google

    In Soviet Russia, Google+ Friends you.

    Google's basement dwelling engineers still do not know how to do social or how to be customer focused. Their business model is "we make something, you use it".
    Your Non Advocate
    • RE: Google gives Facebook exec the boot


      Well, that's true. But then, Facebook's customers are the ones for whom they mine the data, not the users. And for the users, Facebook's business model is also "we make something, you use it."
  • Is that 25 million pre bot or post bot? :-)

    seriously who falls for that excuse?
    Johnny Vegas
  • Typical Google bad behavior

    When Goolge keeps kicking the cool people out there won't be anyone left but the losers.
  • RE: Google gives Facebook exec the boot

    Maybe not. If even 10% of people are especially cool according to an arbitrary standard, there could be many of them we just have not met yet. The challenge (or fun?) is to wade through the 24,999,999 accounts to find the ones that meet your own coolity criteria.
  • RE: Google gives Facebook exec the boot

    It is growing pretty fast but still not many people on there.
  • Who cares!!

    I don't think anyone cares about these storms in a teacup. Grow up please...