Google Talk without a Gmail account

Google Talk without a Gmail account

Summary: You like the idea of Google Talk, but you do not want a Gmail account -- well, you were out of luck until tonight when they released version 1.0.

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You like the idea of Google Talk, but you do not want a Gmail account -- well, you were out of luck until tonight when they released version  Now anyone can sign up for the service by getting a Google account.

Simply download Google Talk and log in with your new account.  There are some features that you will only get if you have a Gmail account still -- like chat history and mail notifications.  It would be nice to see a built-in chat history feature in Google Talk -- and I'm sure enough people will complain about this to make it a worthwhile addition.

The product has come such a long way since its launch, and so I am looking forward to see how it improves over the next few years.  Maybe we're getting close to video conferencing, skins, or even IM to landline functionality -- keep your eyes peeled.

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  • It's really messy.

    The thing is, when you sign up on the Google Talk page you don't keep your old email address at all. You're given a Gmail username to sign in with, but no Gmail account. When these people chat using Google Talk, they're using an address.

    I really hoped that this wouldn't be the case - I hoped that people with a Google Account would be able to sign in with their non-Gmail email address, rather than creating a Gmail username. Then I could chat with people with addresses, for example, if that person had accociated his/her Hotmail address with a Google Account. This is how the .NET Passports used to work - I can sign in with MSN messenger with my Gmail account because of this.

    It's confusing for the people who sign up to have an address - why can't they sign in with the email address asssociated with their Google Account? What's even sillier is that these people don't seem to have any way of activating a Gmail account with the address they've been given, and they can't receive voicemails because the address they're using for Google Talk doesn't actually exist. Again, if people could sign in with their own email address, associated with a Google Account, this wouldn't be a problem.

    I really hope Google address these problems - it was so promising! But right now it's very messy indeed. Google Talk has come a long way and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it improves, with landline calls and such things, but they don't seem to be going about this in the right way at all.
    • indeed, it is sloppy

      I would've much prefered they add video and/or videocalling to it... after all, if they got good quality videocalling, I would finally be able to get many of my friends off of other IMs...

      but ya. it is just sloppy to give people cut-back @gmail accounts, especially when the protocol that this is built on is open and allows you to use just about any sign-in...
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