Google's Blogger is here to stay

Google's Blogger is here to stay

Summary: Despite the rumors, it looks like Google+ won't be responsible for the demise of the Blogger brand.

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By now, you've probably heard the rumors that Google's retiring the Blogger and Picasa brands in favor of making everything Google+. But while Picasa's fate remains uncertain, it seems that Google has no intention of letting Blogger fade away.

First off, the Blogger team has given the platform a massive makeover: Users of the so-called Blogger in Draft preview program now have access to an interface that fits right in with the recent changes to Google Search and Gmail.

Blogger in Draft, writes software engineer Jungshik Jang in the explanatory blog entry, is much like Google Labs, insofar as it's designed for users to see what's next for Blogger before the changes are finalized and made to be the default.

It seems unlikely that Blogger would really undergo this kind of widespread change if a rebranding really were imminent - it strikes me that they'd wait for that rumored renaming to "Google Blogs" before they mentioned word one about their plans for the interface.

And to further back up my viewpoint, GigaOM spoke to an unnamed source which affirmed that Google has no plans to kill off the decade-old Blogger brand. Given Blogger's strong name recognition, it's a small wonder.

Of course, neither GigaOM's report, nor any other rumors that have crossed my feed, can account for the future of Picasa. Those original rumors had pegged Picasa as becoming "Google Photos" by the end of July, so we ought to know for sure sooner rather than later.

Topic: Google

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  • RE: Google's Blogger is here to stay

    Makes perfect sense to completely renovate the one property while giving the other merely a minor, visual makeover.<br><br>The 'Blogger' name is better-known than 'Picasa' and their service has many times more active users. The idea is to improve overall conditions (consumer awareness) by raising all of Google's boats with a single tide (brand integration) without swamping those boats which are already sailing along at a good clip.
    Justa Notherguy
  • RE:Google's Blogger is here to stay

    They should not get rid of the blogger..but if they will improve it, add more features...i think it is a good move...
  • RE: Google's Blogger is here to stay

    The fact that mashable main argument why Google will kill of the Blogger brand was for Brand unification. Which ignored the fact that Google created 4 new brands Huddle, Hangout, Circles, Sparks with out any hint of Google in there name for the Google + launch.

    An if you look at Blogger design the same color orange is use through out the new design as the logo.

    Blogger brand is here to stay. Picasa is probably gone through.
  • RE: Google's Blogger is here to stay

    I don't care what Google calls Blogger, Picasa, whatever, as long as they keep providing (and improving) the services.
    • RE: Google's Blogger is here to stay

      @johnmpoole Totally agree.
      • RE: Google's Blogger is here to stay

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  • Blogger: The Entrepreneurs Platform

    Speaking from frank honesty; I have combined all promotion aspects for my new business with the Google platform- blogger,gmail and YouTube... so sometimes capitalism does work for real Democracy!
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    • RE: Google's Blogger is here to stay

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  • Angry Birds Will Go To Wordpress

    Lets hope Google will not retire their blogger platform because this is not a smart move.Blogger is a big thing and its removal will only benefit Wordpress.I already have a wordpress blog and I am not worried about this except paying for hosting.But if somebody is giving you something for free they can take it away anytime
    Angry Birds
  • RE: Google's Blogger is here to stay

    If Google was to cancel Blogger don't you think that would mess up the search engines considering how many blogger blogs there are? [b]Blogger based blogs[/b] have been around a long time which would leave open a whole bunch of spots for high rankings on a bunch of keywords.But Google does what they want