"Hidden" Gay Pride Google Doodle sparks controversy

"Hidden" Gay Pride Google Doodle sparks controversy

Summary: Google tried something a little different to commemorate Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, but it seems to have stirred up a storm of controversy.

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One of Google's most beloved quirks is its tendency to celebrate special occasions by replacing its home page logo with clever Google Doodles. But to commemorate Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, Google tried something a little different, and now it seems to have stirred up its share of controversy.

Search for terms like "gay," "lesbian," "transgender," "LGBT," and other pride-related words in June, and a little rainbow appears next to the search bar. The problem is that there's nothing even mentioning this easter egg of a Google Doodle on the search engine's front page - leading many in the gay community to wonder why Pride, of all events, is forced "into the closet."

Compounding the problem, according to critics, is the fact that Google's frontpage logo has changed for relatively trivial events like the 76th Birthday of Roger Hargreaves, the 122nd birthday of Charlie Chaplin, and even the 119th anniversary of the first documented ice cream sundae. So why not Gay and Lesbian Pride?

The controversy has been brewing all week long, but here's the only public statement released by Google at this time, as reported by several outlets:

“As you may imagine, it's difficult for us to choose which events to celebrate on our site, and have a long list of those we'd like to celebrate in the future."

It seems unlikely that Google was actively trying to alienate their LGBT user base with these rainbows, given the search giant's widely-circulated contributions to the It Gets Better project. But it's surprising - and a little disappointing - that Google didn't seem to think through how this "hidden" doodle would go over.

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  • I guess they where too busy

    coming up with excuses and such to the FTC investigation. :)
    Will Pharaoh
  • RE:

    The gay community needs to stop being so damn needy. We get it you are gay, stop being drama queens and get over this, it isn't a big deal. Be happy you got a rainbow!
    • I agree. I hate the Rosie O'Donnel types who feel

      we MUST like her because she's gay. We have a couple of friends who are gay, they're great people, and they don't buy into that line of thought, where they get upset and bent out of shape if you don't acknowledge their preferences or existence.

      They don't mind Gay Pride day, but they don't demand they have a Gay Pride day.
      Will Pharaoh
  • "Hidden" Gay Pride Google Doodle sparks controversy

    It's hardly 'hidden'!
  • re: Gay Pride Doodle

    Personally, I keep my pride in the closet, because I try to be like Google in all ways.
  • Let's forget about wars, the economy, and natural disasters.......

    ....and worry about hidden rainbows for a while, shall we?
  • RE:

    So, when is heterosexual prime month?

    Same place as all the White Student Unions...
  • RE:

    For being such tolerant people, why do gays DEMAND that everyone else be gay?
  • What a out people who don't like gays ?

    Yes, you may not like them, but they still outnumber gays, and they too use Google, So Google must please them too
    • RE:

      @dobba821992 Huh?
  • Its odd...

    the only argument to be made is why every other celebration that Google does gets a picture as their logo whereas Gays only get a rainbow if they type the magic gay password, kinda stupid.
  • Google Power

    This is just one more of the many things not to like about Google, which is why my computer has been Google free for several years now.
    • Go get em Nikicat

      You know, I've never thought along those lines. Once I found out about this further visitation of Google into it's evilness, I too purged my computer of all things Google.
      Just to be sure, I passed my laptop into the fires of damnation.
      Or are you being ironic? Maybe I tossed the laptop too early. Nikicat tricked me.
  • RE:

    This was going to generate controversy no matter which way Google decided to go, but they should have erred on the side of right. GLBT's deserve no less. I'd rather have a rainbow in my window than in my closet ... so to speak.
  • RE:

    I click the link "tried something a little different" and an error message appears.Are you too "hiding it"?
  • RE:

    It's a smart move on Googles part. Because for all of us who arent for fags and their backwards ways of life we don't want to see that shit. And im sure their straight and againt gay usergroup is more than 10x the size of their gay-lesbian group.
  • SO tired of the demands

    I don't care about your sexuality and it shouldn't be forced into common place. I have many gay friends, so I don't hate it at all, let's be clear about that. But I'm getting REALLY tired of the demands and cries for extra attention. I don't see any other types/groups of a specific sexual nature demanding such special attention. When is BBW lovers month? Or BDSM/KINK week? Seriously, this has just gotten WAY out of hand. Your views & practices are not for everyone, nor should they be forced down everyones throat at every turn. Let's be fair to EVERYONE, not just one group.