Introducing Google Currents, Google's all-in-one news app

Introducing Google Currents, Google's all-in-one news app

Summary: Google has debuted Google Currents, a one-stop shop for Android and iOS users to get all their news and social media - and 150 publishers have already signed on.

TOPICS: Google, Apple, Mobile OS

Google has quietly launched Google Currents for Android and Apple iOS, a free app with the lofty goal of "[letting] you explore online magazines and other content with the swipe of a finger." And today, right now, Google Currents supports over 150 publishers, including CNET, Fast Company, Huffington Post, and PBS.

In addition to the magazine and website content designed specifically for Google Currents, you can also view your Google Reader RSS feeds, public Google+ feeds, and basically any other RSS stream you care to view on your mobile device. There's even a "trending" function to find what news items and sources are hot. Basically, it's designed to be your one-stop shop for consuming web media on the go, according to the official blog entry.

So how does it work? Honestly, at least on my iPhone, it reminds more of the already-available Pulse app than anything. Clicking a news source in your so-called Library brings up a frontpage with its most recent and featured stories. Swiping to the left or right flips pages. A Google+ +1 button is pretty prominent in the reading interface, but it also supports sharing content to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instapaper, Pinboard, or even Email (but who uses that?).

But Pulse doesn't have Google's cachet with content publishers, and Currents' list of officially-supported outlets is a pretty big plus. And speaking of publishers, Google is offering a self-service portal for even the smallest of news organizations to make their content look spiffy in Currents. Additionally, publishers can connect their Google Analytics accounts to their Google Currents feed and make sure they still receive that data.

I've only had a few minutes to play with Google Currents so far, but I'm starting to see what the search giant is getting at. If you've had a little more experience with it, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Topics: Google, Apple, Mobile OS

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  • RE: Introducing Google Currents, Google's all-in-one news app

    I can't believe it, I got my first smart phone 6 weeks ago an LG droid and was frustrated that I could not quickly scan my favorite sites and blogs so I built a half baked mobile website (droid, iPhone etc) on Tumblr that at least for me lets me quickly scan the blogs and news sites I follow and now Goog has done the same thing, albeit a little better than my attempt. Though I still like mine. (and I will now add zdnet to the feed) lots of others in the drop down.
  • RE: Introducing Google Currents, Google's all-in-one news app

    I'm not sure if it's just localized with my iOS device, but it seems like it takes for ever for the initial sync for all the sources. Hope it is not like this each time. Also, is this a death knell for Reader?
    • RE: Introducing Google Currents, Google's all-in-one news app

      @jsnwlsn Yes, I had that same exact problem. Hopefully Google will speed that up in future releases.
      Matt Weinberger
  • RE: Introducing Google Currents, Google's all-in-one news app

    Google has the wherewithal, the resources and the technical savvy to produce a superb quality an all in one news app, bar-none!

    I am rooting for Google and I can't wait to test drive the new great idea from Google

    Most sincerely,
    Paul I. Adujie in New York City waiting for Google All-in-one-news app!
    Paul I. Adujie
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    many thanks for your share
    it's very useful.
  • This is USA-only

    So it's useless to me. I will try Flipboard instead.
    • Working in Germany...

      Downloaded it in Germany and it had half a dozen German sites pre-installed and dozens more available.
  • RE: Introducing Google Currents, Google's all-in-one news app

    the apps is not available in the canadian apple store :(
  • Custom feeds!

    I for one welcome the opportunity to reveal my interests to our new advertising overlords.
    Robert Hahn
    • Don't worry, it's not CarrierIQ

      Upon further review, I see after downloading it that it wants me to log in with my gmail account. In other words, it really [i]is[/i] a tool for monitoring me and what I like to read about. No thanks.
      Robert Hahn