Looking forward to 2018, let's hear your predictions

Looking forward to 2018, let's hear your predictions

Summary: Google is now officially 10 years old, an impressive notion considering their rapid dominance over any and all things that get in their way. Even Microsoft is shaking in their boots, 10 years ago people would have laughed that off as mpossible.


Google is now officially 10 years old, an impressive notion considering their rapid dominance over any and all things that get in their way. Even Microsoft is shaking in their boots, 10 years ago people would have laughed that off as mpossible. The fact that Google has risen so fast should be enough to make Google themselves nervous about the future -- let's see what we can come up with as far as predictions go (I'll post here, you post in the comments).

Browser Landscape Google's recent foray into the internet browser space will unsettle Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google will creep up to a modest 10% market share, but remain relatively steady there. The reason it will stay at 10% is because Firefox will incorporate some of the features Google has included in their browser, making "switching" unnecessary. Once that happens, they will continue to dominate. Internet explorer will start building Internet Explorer from the ground up sometime in 2010. Being too stubborn to adopt any of the features Google has proposed, their position in the market will continue to weaken.

In 2018, Internet Explorer will be non-existent, instead, it will have been renamed during one of their rebuilds. In any case, it will have 5 to 10% market share. Due to their forward thinking nature, unified base of users, and knack for getting lots of current and future users behind them during major releases, Firefox will be equivalent to today's Internet Explorer with 70 to 80% market share. Google Chrome (or at least a browser that's based on Chromium) will have a comparable share to Internet Explorer at 5 to 10%.

The Enterprise Google will continue to try getting themselves into the enterprise, but it won't be until 2015 that they begin to make an impact. As Microsoft continues to lose on the search front, and as they are losing market share in the browser wars, they will have no choice but to focus most of their efforts on the Enterprise -- something they are already very strong in. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the continuing decline in search, browsers, and even operating system (to Apple), will cause their enterprise clients to get nervous and start looking for alternatives. In this case, they will look towards either Google or Apple for their enterprise needs.

Google's stubborn attitude towards real customer service will come back to haunt them though. As Google begins pushing on the Enterprise front, the demand for real customer service will be off the charts. Google will find themselves competing with Apple over the enterprise, and Apple will win because of the level of support that they offer clients.

So, in 2018, seeds of doubt over Microsoft will have the enterprise looking for alternatives. Google's customer service vs. Apple's will be one of the deciding factors that cause users to move away from Microsoft towards Apple.

Mobile Computing The lines between phones and computers will be completely blurred by 2018 -- every device available will be a powerful computer which happens to have a phone feature. It's already started happening -- the iPhone is a great example of what we can expect. Phones, going forward, will have to be a computer or they will become extinct. Todays mobile phones will be the "bag phone" of 2018.

Google will be a major player in the mobile operating system space -- Android will have a proven track record, and will be on almost every phone by 2018. Thanks to Google putting pressure on carriers, not only will we have a powerful computer in our pockets, we will also have the Internet anywhere for free, or extremely cheap.

Advertising When people think advertising, they will automatically think Google. You might think that has already happened, but not really. Google hasn't dominated every form of advertising yet, including local advertising, TV ads, radio ads, etc. This is an area that Google will continue to shine, and others will continue to have difficulty keeping up to. In many ways, Google's advertising business may be a death trap for anyone who tries competing. Microsoft will be a classic example, and the first of many that fall into the trap.

Now it's your turn -- make your predictions in the comments!

Topics: Browser, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mobility

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  • The Book of Voodoo Communications

    Google fulfills the prophesy of the premise that all knowledge to be learned and all experiences to be had are already documented in The Book of Voodoo Communications. For Cod Knows All: All Thing That Have Been and All Things That Shall Be.

    For Google is quickly becoming "The Book of Voodoo Communications."
    Shannon Michael
  • Looking forward to 2018

    Google Wetware(tm) a Free biological/Technological implant that allows instant access to the global Google network and services. Only, your brain activity will be interrupted 3x a day with a brief 15 second commercial.
    • Ohh! Ohh! Wait there's More...!

      And wait, there's more. While Google Wetware(tm) is a free service to the consumer, an additional 19.95 will get you the Titanium version.

      With this version, you can access applications
      such as Microsoft Outlook without ever sitting in front of a Computer Screen again. Just glance left and you can review your emails in the privacy of your own brain....Need to Reply? No problem, just mentally format your message and lightly tap you left temple....

      And just think this is only the Titanium version...
      • Google Wetware(tm) I can see that...

        I can imagine the various headlines in a future world (wetware and otherwise):

        - Release of Google Wetware spawns new form of software-based viral infections in humans!
        (STORY: One new virus allows hackers to gain temporary access to Google users' digestive systems causing extreme gas, projectile vomiting, and explosive diarrhea. Their first target is the final episode of "Survivor: Detroit" being broadcast live on ABC. Two people die of dehydration, many are hospitalized, viewership plummets, and the hackers are imprisoned for life where they get medical degrees and start a highly-successful web-based comedy medical show called "Taste My Tumor.")

        - Another teenage hacker forces Wetware-equipped legislators to pass legislation forcing all locker rooms to become co-ed. (He later proudly posts a video on YouTube of himself committing the crime and is immediately thrown in prison by a jury composed completely of embarrassed guys with tiny "tinker-toy" sets.)

        - Apple forces Wetware version of Safari browser into the brains of all computer users through a stealth wetTunes upgrade. (Included in the upgraded Safari is a plug-in which forces users to think and say nothing but positive things about Apple products, defending them to the death if necessary, regardless of their malfunctions or missing features. As a result, a new Mac guy commercial raves that Apple's market share rose 72% compared to poor PC only going up 1%. Meanwhile unaffected users laugh at them behind their backs because the 72% rise means they sold a few thousand more units than before, while the 1% PC jump equates to 30 million additional units.)

        - A Justice Department ruling forces Microsoft to truthfully label all new versions of their OS! (As a result, the new OS will be sold in 4,752 different versions starting at the low end with "Windows Ultra-Crippled Crash Fest 0.2 Alpha Special:Tear Out Your Hair Edition" for $1,999 with no drivers and very little OS functionality. The top-end version, is renamed to "Windows Ultimate Disappointment 0.2 Alpha" and will sell for $1.5 million per year in a special "Screw the Consumer" subscription format. It will include a random selection of slightly more than half the drivers you need and an emphatic promise that they "might add some OS functionality someday and make it available over the Internet." The surprise comes when they actually add a function a year later, but only if you subscribe to the newly-renamed "Windows - Previously-included Applications We Removed To Charge More" online service.)

        - Linux Users rejoice as statistics show 403 new users adopted Peter Piper, the latest release of Ubuntu in 2017. (Immediately, they program net-bots to post everywhere about how superior their latest OS is to breathing oxygen and then they attempt to prove it at a major demonstration event by holding their breath for over 11 minutes in protest of poor driver support by hardware vendors. Unfortunately, 536 of them die in the effort lowering their overall 2018 market share to 0.000000453%.)

        In other 2018 news...
        - The RepubliCratic Presidential nominee(s), who are Siamese twins named Senator Buck (R) and Senator Rogers (D), give a rousing speech about how we need to start addressing global climate change someday or we might start having even more days over 145 degrees in the deserts surrounding Chicago. Then, they get in their private jet at the O'Hare dust bowl and fly to their favorite Burger King in Seattle for lunch before heading back to Washington to vote for more oil drilling in the suburban backyards of Los Angeles residents.)
        • That was AWESOME!!!

          Wow, I'm still laughing. You got it all in there. Hackers, Survivor, Windows, DOJ, Linux, politics, Apple and last but not least Buck Rogers. This was incredible, you must have been laughing your butt off when writing it. My congrats to you and your creativity.
      • Wait. Yes, Just Wait

        How long do you think it will be in beta? Like how old is
        GMail and it is still beta.
  • 2018 - Mobile market

    I am primarily working in the mobile and retail sectors thus i will say this, Android is cool and it is hip. It has built in support for Maps, location services, OpenGL -(think games) and a host of other features. Moreover it is built on top of a solid linux kernel. But the real problem that Google will have to address is how it is going to push these devices ? Are they blackberry replacements ? - Think killer work apps, document sharing and collaboration , communication tools and task-time management applications - or - iPhone replacements ? think cool photo store/share/snap, map, location, multimedia, games, and the lot. Of course google has enough online gadgets to marry off to either approach. The existing google apps are a great boon as documents can be shared from virtually anywhere in the world. Thus i think that the real question is actually how hard and determined Google is to push in these fronts. If it can correct the customer support issue, you can bet safe money on their domination of mobile OS/Services market by 2018.
  • RE: Looking forward to 2018, let's hear your predictions

    Predicting the current landscape ten years ago would have landed you in a mental institute. Likewise, the ten years will see new players arise with services, products and tools that don't even have a name yet.
  • RE: Looking forward to 2018, let's hear your predictions

    There is a very good chance that our priorities will shift over the next ten years if the economy collapses or the US becomes involved in a major war. (Major being a war that comes to our shores.)

    In these scenarios, Apple's latest cell phone and Google's new bio-widget will barely receive any notice among people standing in line for food.

    On a lighter note, I expect some kind of backlash toward cloud computing, probably security related and won't be surprised to see desktops surviving longer than they really should.
  • RE: Looking forward to 2018, let's hear your predictions

    [i]Google is now officially 10 years old, an impressive notion considering their rapid dominance over any and all things that get in their way. Even Microsoft is shaking in their boots,[/i]

    LOL! I had to laugh when I read that silly thought. Google is shaking over their boots because of Microsoft and IE8. My prediction for 2018? Google is long forgotten because in 2010 they filed for bankruptcy then shut their doors due to incompetent programmers, no vision, and employees playing with office toys.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Wow...

      You sure have quite an imagination...or no imagination
      at all...I can't quite figure out which it is. Why
      would Google be shaking in their boots because of IE8?
      Were they shaking in their boots because of IE7? IE6?
      The fact of the matter is, all of these browsers give
      more and more people access to Google and to sites
      featuring Google ads. So, Google doesn't really care
      which browser you use... they just keep making money.
      • Talk about no imagination

        Google was shaking in their boots about IE8 so much that they had to make their own web browser to compete. If that doesn't say that Google is scared out of its wits then I don't know what does. As more and more people see through Google's BS they stop going to Google's site, see less ads, then Google goes out of business.
        Loverock Davidson
        • Kind Of Like Microsoft Shaking In Its Boots With Firefox

          So they had to come out with IE7 with tabs?

          Goes both ways.
        • Or maybe...

          they created their own browser because they recognized
          a market in dire need of competition. FireFox is
          really the only competition out there right now on the
          Windows platform, and it doesn't do sites designed
          specifically for IE well. An example is OWA (Outlook
          Web Access). Written by Microsoft for a Microsoft
          product, it's no wonder that OWA doesn't do well in
          browsers other than IE. However, with Chrome it works
          just fine. There are plugins which help FF with this
          type if issue, but Chrome handles it just fine all by
          itself. The reality is that Google could care less
          about IE. Google.com and all the Google services work
          just fine in IE. Given Microsoft's past actions to
          break the competition when they couldn't bet it,
          Google prudently decided they might want to develop
          their own browser to insulate themselves against this
          particular threat. That's not shaking in their boots,
          that's good business management.
    • Bzzzzzt.... Think you got that backwards.

      Google has recently shown way more vision than Microsoft (not too difficult a task recently). Microsoft is still too busy pushing yesterday's tech (e.g. Vista - the epitome of incompetent programming).

      Even stodgy old IBM has recently shown more vision than Microsoft.

      Hopefully Microsoft can recover. Lets see what Windows 7 brings.

      Basic Logic
    • Funny taken to a new level...

      "Google is shaking over their boots". That has got to
      be one of the funniest things I've heard in years.
      This is a company that was nothing more than a couple
      of guys in a garage 10 years ago. It has now made a
      whole lot of people a whole lot of money. The only
      thing funnier would be to talk about Microsoft
      "shaking over their boots". Google, Microsoft, Apple,
      Yahoo...these are companies that grown to become part
      of the scenery. They're not going anywhere. This
      will turn out to be another failed prediction to add
      to your always growing list.
  • Google's Chrome won't last because of Ad-block

    Google will be faced with blocking/obfuscating Ad-block or having their adverts blocked. Which do you think they'll chose? Commercial ventures like Apple, Microsoft, or Google can't ship a product that blocks adverts. Google, by it's nature, is the most susceptible to this issue. On the other hand, Firefox, or something similar, will come pre-installed with aggressive blocking systems and will become the browser of choice. This will change everything.

    Regular People will realise that open-source exists and has advantages. Techs like me have already come to realise that easy-to-install Linux distributions like Ubuntu are fundamentally changing the landscape. Sooner or later, that will spread to users. It's already spreading to the people that ask me for help. In short order, enterprise users are going to get their collective heads out of the sand and go with an open-source operating system. I'm a tech that works in an enterprise environment; I'm pushing for it and I doubt I'm the only one. Sooner or later, the "it's free and it's better" argument will start winning over the bean-counters. Sooner or later, a Linux distribution will appear that does everything enterprise users need, and it will dominate.

    Eventually, people willing to pay money to be cool will use Apple-branded products, along with a few upstart competitors, but most everyone else will be going open-source. Microsoft is heading off a cliff. The only two things sustaining them now are their collusion with hardware manufacturers and corporate inertia. Their business model can't survive when open-source software gets beyond a certain level of functionality. We're already past that point; the bean-counters just don't know it yet.

    • Google

      You seem to forget that Google is too young to have the old guys who say no.

      I wonder if Google will adapt?
    • People reading UBUNTU in..

      history books will think that it was some sort of
      exotic African dish featuring roasted grasshoppers.
      Apple will be the evil empire and Microsoft will be
      forgotten. Apple will not make computers, only cool
      consumer gadgets. They will have licensed out OSX
      and its hardware to the Chinese. there will be 800
      million Macs in China, but they won't bear that
  • RE: Looking forward to 2018, let's hear your predictions

    I think in 2018 I will be older and many things will
    have changed. My prediction and hope is that Microsoft will keep its place but, will be less evil and greedy
    because no matter how big you are, everything meets
    maximum entropy, and you will watch as the giant's
    fall. I think chrome will take a hold in the market
    but the whole scope of a web browser will be much more
    different. The web will be part of a 3d application
    and a web browsers will have many more features not
    unlike a high tech dashboard viewer for a 3d futuristic video game, like the game Entropia
    Java will be defunct xml xhtml will rule, and part of
    the web will sit in simulator servers, as you become
    an avatar, and navigate the web in a 3d part world
    part information and buying content, software,
    produces and auctioning in a 3d ebay like, arena.