Microsoft screwing themselves while they try to screw Google

Microsoft screwing themselves while they try to screw Google

Summary: It turns out Microsoft has been busy holding weekly "Screw Google" meetings, trying to figure out how to throw roadblocks in front of Google as they continue to dominate the search arena. It's easy for me to say, but doesn't it make a lot more sense to spend millions of dollars making something that's actually better than Google rather than simply trying to make them look bad?


It turns out Microsoft has been busy holding weekly "Screw Google" meetings, trying to figure out how to throw roadblocks in front of Google as they continue to dominate the search arena. It's easy for me to say, but doesn't it make a lot more sense to spend millions of dollars making something that's actually better than Google rather than simply trying to make them look bad?

I wonder how long it will take before the "Screw Microsoft" meetings commence? Probably never. It probably won't happen because Microsoft is doing a good enough job themselves, and I like to think Google is smart enough to know money is much better spent elsewhere.

It's likely Microsoft is grasping at straws as Bing's market share has only increased a very small amount -- even after their massive marketing campaign. In addition to that, Google is stepping on Microsoft's toes with two of their own operating systems (Android and Chrome OS), Google Chrome internet browser, Google Docs, Gmail and their own Enterprise efforts.

It's time for Microsoft to stop wasting their money worrying about Google, and start breaking their own trails. Microsoft does have some diamonds in their rough though -- one example is their development tools, frameworks and platforms. This includes WPF, Silverlight and Microsoft Surface -- and in my opinion, Microsoft needs to invest more heavily in those technologies.

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  • Amen!

    In business, you play offense by innovating and
    outperforming your competition. You may play
    defense if you need to catch up to your

    In thinking of ways to make Google look back,
    Microsoft is doing neither. They are sitting
    in the stands trying to distract the other

    • Where's the story

      It looks like there's not much of a story clicked on the link to find a story and just found a few lines and realy didn't say much. Whats up.
  • Understanding what Google is doing right

    Instead of bashing Google, Microsoft should try to understand what Google is doing right.

    Google produces quality, innovative products, based on OPEN standards. People use them, not because they are forced or locked-in to use them, but because the products address their needs and they are happy with them.

    Microsoft, on the other hand, produces lessor quality, lessor innovative products, based on PROPRIETARY standards that have a great deal of lock-in potential.

    Which relationship is more attractive to you?

    1. One where:
    - your partner is attentive to your needs.
    - new things are constantly coming into the relationship, to keep it interesting.
    - dependencies & manipulation are not used, to keep you in the relationship.

    2. One where:
    - your partner is not particularly attentive to your needs.
    - new things seldom happen, unless your partner is forced to do it.
    - dependencies & manipulation are used constantly, to keep you in the relationship.
    • I disagree

      Microsoft has done a lot of things right.

      Office is great, though I think they took a step backwards the new ribbon "feature."

      Windows XP is good enough for me, and Windows 7 is supposed have fixed all the problems with Vista.

      The XBOX 360 is very good, and they will always fix the RROD problem for free.

      And I understand Bing is good, though nobody really cares.

      If Microsoft keeps their focus within just these areas while providing incremental improvements (and gets out of all the non/low-profitable ventures), they'll continue to be very successful.
      • And...

        ...that's exactly the problem. These days,
        Microsoft is only making "incremental
        improvements". True innovation is gone these days.
      • I would be happy if...

        ...Microsoft would just focus on building a good operating system and use open standards. Alas, MS paranoia requires them to use vendor lock-in via closed standards.

        Worse, Microsoft makes a game of *destroying* their competition rather than competing on the merits. Every competitor they "destroy" is a choice lost in the market place.

        Personally, the best thing that could happen to this country is for the corporation called Microsoft to be dissolved. If they want to continue as a partnership or some other organization that subjects the owners to personal liability, that's their business.
        • Microsoft no longer anti-competitive

          Didn't the Justice Department make them quit their anti-competitive ways?

          Sure, Microsoft still dominates in desktop OS and Office applications, but they haven't "destroyed" a competitor in at least a decade competing on merits. Look at their stock price for evidence of that!
          • "Screw Google" sounds friendly to you?

            Zebras cannot change their stripes, like how the anticompetitive bully certainly [b]won't[/b] change their ways.

            They know that what they have can't compete on merit so what else can they do to stay in business? Maintain their monopoly and take advantage of it into new markets of course, what else.
          • They still block competition

            For example, TrueCrypt would like to add the
            ability to make volume snapshots work on non-
            system volumes on Windows. But Microsoft won't
            license the API under opensource-friendly terms,
            effectively blocking TC from having this
            capability. Yet obviously their own BitLocker
            encryption supports this, but is only available
            with the ultimate/enterprise version of Windows.
            Seems anti-competitive to me...
            Richard in Phoenix
          • A company not giving you what you want is not anti-competitive! (NT)

          • EU

            No that was in the EU not the US. They have too many
            US politicians and judges in their pocket, so just a
            small wrist slap and business as usual. You know
            Linux contravenes 250 of our patents, but we won't tell
            you which ones. FUD, FUD, FUD.
        • I would NOT be happy...

          "Personally, the best thing that could happen
          to this country is for the corporation called
          Microsoft to be dissolved."

          Really the BEST thing? I'm just going to assume
          that is your exaggeration.

          I continually look for an OS that I consider
          better than Windows.

          I've tested:
          Fendora 10
          Windows 7
          and many small or old fun OS'

          ...recently. I'm running Windows Vista, I found
          early on that claims regarding Vistas
          instability and incompatibility were GREATLY exaggerated. I've seen evidence suggesting that
          it was the result of a smear campaign started
          even before its release.

          My point? I would be very sad if I had to use
          an inferior product. You can argue all you want
          that such and such OS is better than windows,
          but I've tried them for myself and I disagree.
          The next best thing is Apple, and I don't
          particularly like Apple computers or the way
          Apple treats it's customers or developers. I
          love linux, but it's user friendliness is a
          decade behind regardless of any technological superiority.

          Singling out MS as the end all of EVIL
          companies is quite childish. Many, and I would
          say MOST large companies use "anti-competitive"
          practices... funny thing is, I see most of
          these practices as only MORE competitive. Apple
          is one of the worst of all, but people don't
          care cause it has less than 12% market share.
          Even "do know evil" Google has engaged in some
          heavy competitive practices. Business is not
          SUPPOSED to be easy, if a company can't compete
          than get out (or they'll be pushed out). There
          are plenty of companies rising to dominance
          regardless of the big players currently in the
          field. I use Windows NOT because of MS "anti-
          competitivness" but because I CHOOSE to continually.

          I'm not saying MS is good, but I wouldn't say
          it is evil either. They are a big business
          struggling to maintain happy share holders just
          like every other publicly traded big business.

          And they are NOT a monopoly for cryin out loud!
      • I disagree too

        This is exactly the problem: "...and Windows 7 is supposed to have
        fixed all the problems of Vista".

        According to Microsoft many years ago, Vista was supposed to be THE
        OS that would show how brilliant and innovative the corporation was.

        Well, despite its multi-multi $billion R&D budget, years of waiting and
        many postponing of the Vista OS, they ended up with an OS even
        Windows people did not want to use!

        Microsoft promises, develops and then does not deliver or delivers

        As for Microsoft Office, if you compare let's say Office 95 or 98 to
        today's newest version, can you believe how poor and feature-missing
        the improvements have been over the last 15 years? Office still doe
        not let you just place a normal Microsoft-made .AVI movie inside a
        Powerpooint presentation without having to do olympic-grade

        Imagine if Linux or Apple had their hands on Microsoft R&D budget
        years after years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Your arguments contradict eachother. And I like Vista (NT)

    • I do disagree with the proprietary part...

      Microsoft is a leader in creating standards, these
      standards are not always the best standards, but
      they are standards none the less... which is very
      important. Often Microsoft formats become standard
      by shear dominance. Open source formats are often
      considered standard cause they are open source,
      but just because they are freely available does
      not make them standard.
    • Exactly. Try iTunes under WINE

      Since I have broken away from Microsoft and am running Linux almost exclusively, my computers are more about what *I* need to do (document scanning, browsing, email, etc.) and not about Microsoft's latest patch Tuesday or "Windows Update" notification.

      Next step... installing iTunes under WINE. I've heard it works. That is about the last app I need Windows for.
  • And you actually believe that Google doesn't hold

    these same meetings themselves? But then iQmetrix is such a small company compared to the companies you continue to blog on, I would guess you have a bit of a nieve view of how businesses of that size got to be businesses of that size.
    John Zern
    • Wrong, on so many levels...

      Your first problem is that you obviously have no ethical problem with MS having "Screw Google" meetings. Your second problem is your inability to believe that others can rise above the bottom of the barrel, just because [i]you[/i] can't. Thirdly, if you [i]could[/i] demonstrate that Google holds "Screw MS" meetings then that would be contrary to Google's "Don't be Evil" policy - except that we both know that you [b]can't do any such thing[/b], because you're only spreading FUD.
      • Sad

        You actually believe "Don't be Evil" has an meaning nowadays.

        Google has proven time and time again that Don't Be Evil depends on what your defintion of "be" is...
        • Actually, I am simply pointing out what Google's motto is

          Since "Screw MS" meetings would be a violation of Google's "Don't be Evil" motto, producing evidence of them would actually serve MS's purposes.

          But the fact is that you [i]haven't[/i] produced any evidence, because you have none.