Office 2010 vs. Google Docs updates

Office 2010 vs. Google Docs updates

Summary: I haven't made any secret of love for Office 2010. At the same time, Google Docs remains my tool of choice for all of my basic documentation, note-taking, collaboration, sharing, and writing.


I haven't made any secret of love for Office 2010. At the same time, Google Docs remains my tool of choice for all of my basic documentation, note-taking, collaboration, sharing, and writing. As I've said before, it's all about what you need, where, and when. That being said, are there some clear advantages or disadvantages to either suite? Check out the gallery below for some direct comparisons.

The basic idea, though? If you want access to all of your documents natively and automatically from any web-connected browser, then Docs is king. If you need publication-quality documents (plus really sophisticated spreadsheets, databases, and other software), Office has you covered.

In many cases, it's far more important to me for my notes and writing to be available wherever I might be, regardless of the computer at which I'm sitting. Microsoft would argue that Office Live Web Apps would largely enable this same anytime, anywhere access, but Google Apps simply does a better job of letting you create, interact with, collaborate on, edit, and share your documents from anywhere on the Net (and increasingly, from HTML 5-compliant phones). That isn't the case for everyone and it isn't the case for me all the time. Take a look at the gallery and let me know if I missed any big ticket items. While you're at it, let me know if Apps is enough.

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  • Office 2010 may have an edge feature-wise but $$$ rule

    The trend:

    City of Los Angeles opts to contract for five years with Google Apps for email: $7.5M

    And they get all of Google Apps features included.

    How much would that cost otherwise with MS?: Too much to bear in a recession.

    Quite simply Google Apps combined with local is a hard combination to beat when it comes to fiscal responsibility.
    Dietrich T. Schmitz, Linux Advocate
    • I think I can afford $9 for Office 2010.

      So I say "No thanks" to Google.
      Hallowed are the Ori
      • $9 ?? where can I get it

        At that price?
        brent at
        • Office 2010 Starter will be free...

          The basic version of Office 2010 (Word and Excel only, with some features turned off) will be free of charge. Not $9. But likely only distributed with a new PC, so don't get too worked up yet.
          • Mine's $9, via MS HUP

            My employer uses Microsoft Office, so I got a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise for $9 dollars by way of the Home Use Program.

            Oh, and I also got Project Standard and Visio Professional for $9 each as well.

            They are all direct-download versions. I [b]think[/b] I can get a backup copy on DVD for $5 extra.

            And I'll get Office 2010, when it becomes a general release, for the same price.
            Hallowed are the Ori
          • But there are conditions for the $9 version

            When I was working for AT&T Wireless we also were offered this $9 version. However, the license for this version also states this license is only valid while you are employed by your current employer! If you leave this employer you must turn in your copy of Office & can no longer use it!
  • Isn't this

    The same thing posted a few days ago? It's the same argument, and if I recall correctly, there were quite a few people saying Google Apps isn't ready to be a replacement for Office or Open Office.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Office 2010 vs. Google Docs updates

    Great thoughts! I'm with you on the Docs for constant access and sharing, no matter what computer I'm using. At first I thought Dropbox might implement this, but Google Docs just seem way more user friendly.
    - Mariah Hibarger
  • RE: Office 2010 vs. Google Docs updates

    Well.. If dollar rules then why not open office??
    If availability is king then Docs is indispensable, or at least a Private DNS that you can upload a repository to.
  • RE: Office 2010 vs. Google Docs updates

    One of the biggest advantages I see to Excel over the other alternatives is the ability to use Visual Basic scripts. This is very powerful, and if you are using Excel for scientific computing allows the best of both worlds with regard to being able to do calculations both in a spreadsheet format, and an ojbect-oriented scripting format.
  • RE: Office 2010 vs. Google Docs updates

    Maybe you should look at Google wave. I have been using
    it as a collaborating tool and it's really amazing the
    way a team can actually work on one document at the same
    time and in "real time".
    • collaboration

      If you've done it in Wave, give it a try in Google

      E.g. a spreadsheet, my team (6 of us) are now
      working on one Google Spreadsheet with several
      tabs, all at the same time...
      • ...or the Excel Web App

        ...or do the same thing with the Excel Web App, but with the capabilities of Excel. I think OOo is the only noteworthy suite now left out of this party.
  • RE: Office 2010 vs. Google Docs updates

    This article offers no real comparison of products - just a lot of talk about what the author prefers.