Official Gmail Themes are beautiful

Official Gmail Themes are beautiful

Summary: Google just rolled out a new feature in Gmail -- Themes. This has been talked about for quite some time, and you can tell they have been working hard on it.


Google just rolled out a new feature in Gmail -- Themes. This has been talked about for quite some time, and you can tell they have been working hard on it. The themes available to be installed on your account are truly beautiful, and I'm positive this have a significant impact on both user retention and even new users.

There are tons of themes to choose from -- they range from a theme that looks like you are using a terminal application to ones that change throughout the day like some available for iGoogle.



There is currently no way to create your own themes (without using something like Greasemonkey), but since they are allowing people to create iGoogle themes now, I don't see any reason why they can't do the same with Gmail.

To add themes to your Gmail, click on "settings" in the top right corner, then select the "Themes" tab. From there, you can simply click the themes you want to try out, and you're done.

What do you think of the new themes?

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  • I noticed that earlier today. The new default is the best, and looks great.

    This is what is great about web applications! You get constant refreshes and improvements.
    • RE: Official Gmail Themes are beautiful

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  • RE: Official Gmail Themes are beautiful

    As usual, this new feature is not enabled for google apps users.
  • RE: Official Gmail Themes are beautiful

    Follow GMail on Line Spout.
  • RE: Official Gmail Themes are beautiful

    its not active on my account yet..i still dont see the themes tab under settings..
  • RE: Official Gmail Themes are beautiful

    I don't have a themes tab on Gmail! I have no idea why. Is it taking a while to propagate to all the accounts?
    • Yup it's taking a while

      I don't have it yet either, but from what the GMail blog post says, it should get to us within the next few days at most. I'm dying to try the Shiny and Terminal themes!
      Tony Agudo
  • Looks like a straight copy off HOTMAIL

    Nice try.
    • except hotmail sucks. nt

  • RE: Official Gmail Themes are beautiful

    No themes show up for me!
  • The themes do look great!

    The problem is that I can't decide which one I like best. They're all wonderful. I really wanted Contrast Black, but I didn't like the purple highlights. I'm using Pebbles now... though those rocks are bigger than pebbles. ;)
  • RE: Official Gmail Themes are beautiful

    Most beautiful useless feature that I like on Google. (I didn't know I could create my own themes on iGoogle!)Makes G-mail that much easier on the eyes.
  • I don't have a 'Themes' tab

    boo hoo :-(
    • Are you in the UK?

      I think they haven't enabled it for UK @googlemail accounts yet, perhaps some other subsets too. My @gmail account works fine, but not my @googlemail one.
    • re: I don't have a Themes tab

      I didn't either AND I was using the new gmail. So, you need to be using the new gmail, if you're not already. First I switched back to old, then to new. Still no themes. For some reason, and I have absolutely no clue why this would work, but I decided to check their labs (some tasty morsels there) by clicking on the mad scientist jar icon. Suddenly, themes also appeared in my tabs. Again, I have no idea...
      • Sometimes peanut, sometimes shell

        I have the themes tab for one of my gmail accounts, but I don't have it for the other. To see if it will appear in the latter account, I've tried changing back and forth between the new and the old version, logging in and out, closing out my browser and reopening it, and even enabling a lab. But all to no avail. So I'll just wait patiently.
      • re:I dont have a themes tab

        I did the same thing you did and it did not work I
        guess I have to wait to see if it magically appears
        Any suggestions ?
  • RE: Official Gmail Themes are beautiful

    I agree. Needed a change, and some colors are more pleasing to my eye (blue against white all day is like, for me, florescent light - economical but painful). "Sunset" works for me, but there are some really great ones available. Once again, and as a librarian I sometimes hate to admit this, google brings the sauce.
  • RE: Official Gmail Themes are beautiful

    Would be nice if it lets you customize it 100%.
  • What a difference half a kilometre and a new account makes !

    While teaching retirees at a school near my home in Stockholm this afternoon, I discovered to my surprise that their new [b]Gmail[/b] accounts - all a week old - presented them with a new themes option when opened - just what I (didn't) need at that particular point in time ! When I logged into my own ancient account, however, no themes option could be found under ?Settings? - nor could I find one when I again checked this evening at home, a few hundred metres to the west. So can it go ! I am certain the the themes option will be rolled out to all users in a matter of days, but to tell the truth, I should much rather have [b]Gmail labs[/b], which we in the Far North still can't access, nearly half a year after the latter was first released in the US....