OK Go and Google rock out with HTML5 music video

OK Go and Google rock out with HTML5 music video

Summary: Rock band and YouTube sensation OK Go has teamed up with Google for "All Is Not Lost," an HTML5-powered music video.


OK Go, the rock band best known for dominating YouTube by dancing on treadmills for the "Here It Goes Again" video and setting up a Rube Goldberg machine for "This Too Shall Pass," has debuted "All Is Not Lost," a unique HTML5 music video developed in collaboration with Google and designed for the Chrome browser.

(UPDATE: "All Is Not Lost" appears to only work in Google Chrome.)

The "All Is Not Lost" video makes use of plenty of sneaky, impressive HTML5 techniques. The dance troupe and choreographers Pilobolus join OK Go on a glass floor as they form complex shapes and dance to the beat. Different sequences are performed in different windows, which automatically grow, shrink and move as the song progresses.

But the best part is the very end, where the dancers form a message that you yourself set at the very beginning. You can see what I chose to say in the picture to the right.

Users are encouraged to share their custom video messages with each other and the world. In fact, OK Go considers the "All Is Not Lost" video itself a message of hope to victims of the Japanese earthquake, and worked primarily with the Google Japan team on this project, according to the official blog entry.

"All Is Not Lost" definitely calls to mind "The Wilderness Downtown," Google's short film experiment with Chris Milk which used Google Maps imagery and Arcade Fire's "We Used To Wait" to showcase the power of HTML5.

I have to say - this may not be the killer app that converts Flash advocates to Google's HTML5 vision. But "All Is Not Lost" is definitely a lot of fun.

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  • RE: OK Go and Google rock out with HTML5 music video

    So much for "open" standards, Google seems hellbent on pushing their browser, hopefully this won't see a return to the bad old days of browser specific sites, like we saw with IE in the late nineties.
    • RE: OK Go and Google rock out with HTML5 music video


      It's not about open standards or not at this point. What browser does Google control? Chrome. Do they control Firefox or IE to guarantee support for this HTML5 show? No. It's running where it's guaranteed to run in the early phases of this new language.
  • Ah.. :(

    I couldn't get it to work on Ubuntu 11.04... Chrome 14.0.835.0 dev here. Chrome(the tab) always dies. I'll see if remember watching it once I'm on Windows.