Picasa for Linux

Picasa for Linux

Summary: Google just added a new link on their Google Labs page that says "Picasa for Linux".  Right now, it simply gives us a 404 page when clicking the link, but this is still very good news for Linux users.


Google just added a new link on their Google Labs page that says "Picasa for Linux".  Right now, it simply gives us a 404 page when clicking the link, but this is still very good news for Linux users.

Picasa is a pretty good photo organizer that has some built-in editing features that let you do simple things like remove red eye, crop and play with the colors a bit.  I use it all the time on my Windows machine, but it will be nice to start playing with the Linux version once it is released (hopefully in the next couple hours).  I wonder if it is an exact copy of the Windows version or not -- I'm guessing it will be a bit different.

Now we just need a Mac version -- however iPhoto is a great application that is likely already being used by most Mac users, so it will be difficult for Google to gain much traction there.


Since the Picasa for Linux page doesn't work for some people -- here are direct links to the downloads:

.deb / .rpm / .bin 

Topic: Operating Systems

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  • Picasa for Linux isn't native

    From the Picasa for Linux FAQ:

    [i]Q: Is Picasa for Linux open source?

    Picasa for Linux isn?t open source; [b]it uses a carefully tested version of Wine to run the current Windows version of Picasa. Wine itself is an open-source implementation of the Windows API.[b] It runs on top of the X Window System and Linux or Unix.[/i]

    Although it was nice of Google to help CodeWeavers improve Wine in order to run the Windows version of Picasa, this really can't be called Picasa for Linux in any way. I'd rather wait for a native code version, even if it's not open source.

    Tony Agudo
    • Interesting.....

      I had noticed it mentioned wine somewhere in the copy.. but did not really pay attention before I downloaded it... Have not installed it yet...Now... wondering how it might effect currentlty set up Wine/Crossoover/Cedga? Will it be a help or hinderence?

      Guess it would be better to setup another box/VM to test first.... might as well also test a Windows Picassa with currently running Wine/Crossover... when I have time/interest/inclination.......

      What is of Coincidence I was investigating easy to use Photo management/editors for Linux like F-Spot.. (seems to be the nicest so far of the same genre, iPhoto/Elements, etc)
    • ... but it works just fine :)

      "this really can't be called Picasa for Linux in any way"

      Sure it can; in Ubuntu it installs as a normal DEB and runs like any other application, I don't need to explicitly invoke Wine (or even have it installed separately) and I don't get the annoying errors I usually run into when running EXEs with Wine (contrast, say, with Google Earth in Wine).

      Thus as far as most users would be concerned, since it 'just works', it can be thought of as "Picasa for Linux" even if it isn't native.
      • From my experience...

        making my own packages(http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=39597), just about anything [b]can[/b] be stuffed into a filDEB or RPM and set up to run as if it was native; yes, you are correct there. But a better term for "Picasa for Linux" would be "Wine port of Picasa for Linux". I'm not really bashing it or anything like that, just pointing out a small fact that might otherwise confuse a few people.

        Also in the FAQ they acknowledge the facts that features such as movies, email support and screensaver are not implemented in the Wine port. That's why I said I will wait for a native code version, so these features will have an easier time being implemented(Win32 to Wine to Linux vs. just Linux) by the developers. Till then, I'll stick with F-Spot ;)
        Tony Agudo
        • Tasty but schweeter than Wine...

          The wine is Google's own wine running with over 200+ contributions to the WineHQ source tree by Codeweaver and [url=http://code.google.com/wine.html]Google staff combined[/url].

          This is a very interesting turn of events as the collective improvements to Wine will accrue to other Windows applications making their way to the Linux Desktop!

          Combining that with the fruit that bears from [url=http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page]Mono[/url] one has to wonder to where this will eventually lead.

          A 'native code' version may not be necessary for Picasa as for the most part other than Linux-specific messages the executable for Linux and Windows is the same.

          I have been messing with Picasa on Linux for a few days and am quite impressed with what's been done thus far.

          A great move by Google with the help of CodeWeaver!

          ...Toloodendoob. ;)

          D T Schmitz
    • Runs great! Native or not, who cares.

      Okay I'll admit when I heard that it was a wine incarnation I thought loss of performance but it runs really well on Yoper Linux. Actually it's even faster than it does in XP on the same harware natively. Now I will admit I keep my Yoper Linux installation very well maintained for speed.

      I personally am super glad to see that Google released this for Linux as it's is my family's favorite photo editing and viewing tools around.

      I was particularly amazed at how well it installed and the nice wizard installer was a nice touch.

      I hope at some point it gets built using native Qt or gtk engines for linux so it will have the users desktop rendering also but in the mean time its really good.

      Google you have my thumbs up. Nice job guys!