Redesigns coming to Google Search, Maps, Gmail

Redesigns coming to Google Search, Maps, Gmail

Summary: Not even the classic Google homepage is safe when the search giant reveals its intent to roll out a sweeping series of graphical improvements across Google Search, Google Maps, and Gmail.


Google Home Page Redesign

Not even the classic Google homepage is safe when the search giant reveals its intent to roll out a sweeping series of graphical improvements across Google Search, Google Maps, and Gmail over the next several months.

While the only specific example of a change we have is that redesigned homepage, as seen to the right, Google's explanatory blog entry says that there are three key principles that the changes will adhere to:

  • Focus: The new Google will try to remove the clutter from its interface, highlighting the content you're looking for while removing anything distracting. Even the search buttons won't light up until you mouse-over, apparently.
  • Elasticity: No matter what device you're viewing from, the search giant wants you to see pages with a consistent visual design.
  • Effortlessness: In short, Google wants to keep everything looking clean while invisibly running current web technology like HTML5 and WebGL.

I, for one, am looking forward to the inevitable backlash, as thousands of disgruntled users campaign for Google to change it back.

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  • RE: Redesigns coming to Google Search, Maps, Gmail

    The same general layout, design and functionality across the Googlescape?


    Bring it on! :O
    About time! :D

    popcorn...... [i]with butter![/i]
    • RE: Redesigns coming to Google Search, Maps, Gmail

      Amen! I also am looking forward to the change.
      • They are taking clues from Apple, as well as with GMail designs -- and it

        @davidhaymond: ... good for users, since that design is clear, simple, not messed up as in cases when Google tries to do it itself (look at Android 3.*, which is somewhat messy/cluttered).
      • YEAH!! DeRSSS!!! YEAH!! You got Apple in there!! YEAH!!

        DeRSSS and I think that every thing that is good in this world is because the maker took clues from Apple. YEAH!!!
  • I want the old interface back!

    Nasty black panel: do not like. Oh, and by the way: Google should kill Google Instant as well. Yuck.
    • RE: Redesigns coming to Google Search, Maps, Gmail


      Agreed. They need to lose the black panel. On opening a new page your eye tends to gravitate to that area or the screen everytime instead of concentrating on the content at hand. It's rather annoying but not surprising. Google doesn't know much about good designs and design rules. Just look at Honeycomb. The horrible font used. The layout of features and UI elements on the screen like a designer it drives me crazy to look at.
    • RE: Redesigns coming to Google Search, Maps, Gmail

      I like the change. Now I actually notice the bar is there. Before I often just overlooked it, so this new change can gravitate my eye all it wants. It's not like the thing is wrapped in a blink tag.

      And @pjotr123.

      You can shut off Google Instant by clicking that little gear in the upper right corner and editing your Search Settings.
      Belligerent Nerd
  • Vision Impaired... This is Bad Design!

    I am vision impaired. Due to the extremely low contrast of grey on black I Can't read the black navigation bar. Even my well sighted friends find it difficult. All I am asking for is the option to change it back... Please, Google, Have a Heart!
  • RE: Redesigns coming to Google Search, Maps, Gmail

    I'd prefer google not tailor my searches to my preferences. Allow me to narrow the searches and content as I see fit not to what Google thinks I want. Uncensored so to speak, for instance if I spend a day look for news on Google then the next day I don't want my queries focused on Google.
  • RE: Redesigns coming to Google Search, Maps, Gmail

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  • RE: Redesigns coming to Google Search, Maps, Gmail

    I don't mind the redesign, it looks neater,cleaner, simpler and more user friendly. According to <a href="">quotes and sayings</a> by Da Vinci "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." that's why I like simple <a href="">coffee table designs</a> and simple and clean <a href="">apartments for rent</a>.