Swiffy: Google's Flash-to-HTML5 escape hatch

Swiffy: Google's Flash-to-HTML5 escape hatch

Summary: Swiffy, a tool that converts most .SWF files into a more browser-friendly HTML5 format, is now available through Google Labs.


Google's commitment to HTML5 over Adobe Flash gets taken a step further with the Google Labs release of Swiffy, a tool that converts most .SWF files into a more browser-friendly HTML5 format.

It's not quite ready for prime time - Google's blog entry indicates that while Swiffy works fine for most Flash animations and advertisements (oh boy), it's going to be a while before it's able to convert every .SWF on the web reliably.

The way it works is simple: plug the .SWF file you need converted into Swiffy, and it outputs a JSON file, rendered using SVG and "a bit" of HTML5 and CSS3. The browser interprets the object as JavaScript. They say that the converted file is almost as small as the original Flash input, and it renders better in what Google calls "modern browsers" like Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

In Swiffy's FAQ, Google indicates that they're not sure whether or not they'll open source the project. And more interestingly, Google is indicating that Adobe not only knows about Swiffy - they're happy to see any project which can bring Flash content to smaller screens.

In fact, Google and Adobe look to be collaborating on ways to have ads and animations render in HTML or Flash depending on what the system has available.

This may be looking too far ahead, but Google may just be able to undercut the most common complaint about the Apple iPhone and iPad - that they don't run Adobe Flash - by making the difference largely transparent for end-users.

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  • RE: Swiffy: Google's Flash-to-HTML5 escape hatch

    This only works for animation and works for a very old codebase of Actionscript 2.0 which is maybe 6 or 7 years old. Most flash applications now use Actionscript 3.0.
    • RE: Swiffy: Google's Flash-to-HTML5 escape hatch

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  • Size Limitation

    Swiffy currently does not convert SWF files larger than 512 KB.
  • RE: Swiffy: Google's Flash-to-HTML5 escape hatch

    Adobe has been making subtle moves in making Flash a HTML-5 format. After all, Flash != just the Flash Player or the SWF format, but also the Interactive Animation tool.

    I expect Flash to eventually become something like Cocos2D or Unity3D, compile in another language into Javascript applications.
    • Adobe's briar patch

      Exactly. Adobe makes its money selling the development tools. The Flash player is an expense that Adobe would happily see go away. All they care about is that something out there be able to play the things that are created by the tools.
      Robert Hahn
  • RE: Swiffy: Google's Flash-to-HTML5 escape hatch

    Flash trash on my iPhone - crap!
    • RE: Swiffy: Google's Flash-to-HTML5 escape hatch

      Right! You got it. Why should you want access to 3/4 of the internet on your little pillow sharing iphone... Steve don't want you to have it, so you don't want it... Makes sense to.... well, you.
  • RE: Swiffy: Google's Flash-to-HTML5 escape hatch

    this is, doubtless the future, but I don't think we have to run out and convert anything until it works in at least the latest IE & FF
    current user
  • RE: Swiffy: Google's Flash-to-HTML5 escape hatch

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