Those who know use Chrome

Those who know use Chrome

Summary: Are your parents using Chrome yet? Likely not, but they should be -- it's secure enough for even for them.


Are your parents using Chrome yet? Likely not, but they should be -- it's secure enough for even for them. That said, Chrome is the browser of choice for a good chunk of people -- but it's still limited to "those who know". Know what you ask? Know that Google Chrome is extremely fast, secure, and out of your face.

Where I work, almost every developer uses Chrome -- and I bet if I asked them they would feel dirty after using IE, or even Firefox. I'm also betting that this is a good indication that Chrome is set for a long run of market share increases. Of course, there are probably going to be a percentage of Firefox users (who probably still use Thunderbird for their email) that will never use anything else, and will probably leave some nasty comments on this article.

Over the last year, Google's browser went from 2.4 to 6.7 percent market share according to NetMarketshare. This next year, we should see this rise even faster, if nothing else, because of Google Chrome OS.

Do you use Chrome yet? If not, why not?

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  • Depends on the situation

    I use all three browsers depending on the
    situation. On my old laptop I use Chrome since
    it's the fastest, but on my desktop I use IE and
    Firefox. The problem with Chrome is that not all
    websites display properly (especially under
    Ubuntu) so when that's the case I just switch to
    Firefox. This also applies to IE which is the
    slowest, but works best with government websites.
    • RE: Those who know use Chrome

      Statuskwo statement should end all discussions regarding the browsers. Sheer and simple good-old-sense that applies to almost everything in life (nothing is absolute, it always depends on the situation). I would like to register here my thanks for the people who developed Firefox and showed the world there could be better alternatives to IE, and started a movement that benefits us, the users, in the end. Fair competition is always welcome !
    • RE: Those who know use Chrome

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  • There is one big thing

    When I browse, clink a link, then go back to the first page, over 50% of the time it displays the top of the page, not where I left off further down. Until they fix this, I'm staying where I'm at.
    • RE: Those who know use Chrome

      But you didn't tell us where you are at?
  • Those who know and don't use chrome

    I'll use chrome when it will have adblock and flashblock
    and noscript.
    I only use chrome for some youtube vids.(when I have to)
    The speed difference is barely noticable or not at all.
    FF is the one for me.
    I think it's funny that people always bring up speed
    difference that only can be measured with a bench test
    but not with you senses.
    • I measure with my senses

      .. and I'd say that Chrome is significantly faster than FF. The only reason I don't use it exclusively is that there are still sites out there which don't work well with it. I love FF but it has become a bit bloated.
      • RE: Those who know use Chrome

        I think FF is only as bloated as you make it. Right out of the box, it's lean and mean. I love all the customizations and add-ons available to make it my own in both form and function. In any case, it way less bloated than IE, but then again, everything is less bloated than IE.
    • RE: Those who know use Chrome

      @meatclone: The new version of Chrome DOES have an Adblock extension. I said the same thing; no Chrome with an adblocker. This came out about a month ago.
  • Fullscreen,bookmark, password behavior keep me on FF

    I like and use Chrome (I'm using it right now), but I
    prefer FF's fullscreen behavior (mouse to the top to
    bring up the menu) and password save option ("not now" in
    addition to "never"). I also like FF's more conventional
    approach to bookmarks and being able to bring them up
    without opening a new tab. And on top of all that, FF has
    always been somewhat an underdog, and I like supporting
    the underdog. I'll probably use both browsers for the
    foreseeable future.
  • Menu bar option needed

    I went to Chrome's forum and a large number of people want the option of turning the menu bar on, myself included. I don't want a bookmark bar, I want a drop down. Opera and Firefox are my choice for now.
  • Those who use Chrome

    ...keep drinking that Google Kool-Aid, ayup!
  • When they add a popup blocker? Then I'll switch 100%.

    I like Chrome a lot. But until a real equivalent to Ad-Block Plus exists? I couldn't bear to use it full time.

    At this point I have to exist as a multi-browser user. Chrome for a dedicated set of sites I know have no annoying popups, Firefox for wandering into the wild to unknown sites.
    Snark Shark
    • Developer Channel

      I switched to the Chrome Developer channel on Mac OS X, even though I
      get the occasional SNAP where a site won't work.

      The Dev channel has not only popup blockers - [i]Preferences->Under
      the Hood->Content Settings[/i] -- but extensions for Ad Block, Flash
      Block and lots more. No problems with extensions so far, and quite
    • RE: Those who know use Chrome

      @Snark Shark: Time to switch, then. Fire up Chrome, update to the newest version, and drop in to There it is; AdBlock. Came out about a month ago.
    • Now with AdBlocker!

      @Snark Shark: Go to
  • Only one feature missing

    I use Chrome since it came out ... with Chrome I can
    browse pages by far much faster than with any other

    However, I use IE when I read Spanish. There is nothing
    in Chrome like Bing Translator which I use to instantly
    translate a word I don?t knwo.
    • RE: Those who know use Chrome

      @aig21 here is the translator I use. I speak and read English and live in Germany. Works great translating site.
  • Where is the Firebug?

    As a developer, the very last missing feature in
    Chrome (that is not a feature, actually) is a
    decent Firebug alternative. Chrome Developer Tools
  • Chrome's ok for a few things

    I use Firefox (primary browser), Opera, Chrome 5 Beta and Flock. I only use Chrome for You Tube and Wikipedia and for briefly checking news sites.

    I'm not driven to use Chrome for security because I use NoScript in Firefox and I can sandbox Firefox as needed. I don't need it for speed, because it actually renders quite a few sites slower than Firefox 3.6 does (javascript speed isn't everything). And I don't need anything more minimalistic than the Firefox interface because whenever I need more window real estate in Firefox, I just press F11 and go into fullscreen mode, as I've done for years before Chrome even existed.

    Ultimately, the browser you choose to use depends on what you want from a browser. Not everyone wants or likes minimalistic browsers. And many people, especially Firefox users, want functionality and efficiency above all else. I've gotten used to a certain level of efficiency with Firefox that Chrome can't replicate. Imagine being able to open your browser and have your Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts checked for you instantly. That's my experience everyday with Firefox. So what if Firefox takes a second longer to open than Chrome does. As soon as it opens, it saves me from wasting several minutes checking potentially empty email accounts. Chrome is like a sports car....but Firefox is like a shortcut to your destination.