Android security deep dive (video)

Android security deep dive (video)

Summary: If you've ever wanted to know about Android security, here's your opportunity.

TOPICS: Security

Last week, I had the honor of speaking at a joint meeting of the Space Coast Chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering and the Central Florida Chapter of the Test and Evaluation Association here in Brevard County, Florida.

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It was quite the event and one of those things that makes you realize you live in the future. We were in a local church, the First Methodist Church, Melbourne, FL, and the event's organizers had set up a simulcast system, where there was not only a local audience, but another audience in Orlando, and still others attending live from their browsers across the country.

Ten years ago, that would have required the resources of a television network, a team of engineers, a satellite truck, and a boatload of cash. Last week, it was a small video camera, a few laptops, and a smartphone. Amazing.

Anyway, the nice folks at INCOSE and ITEA captured the entire presentation, and it's embedded below for your viewing pleasure. There are a few choppy spots, but if you're at all interested in Android, it's a worthwhile video for you to watch. If you're interested in INCOSE and ITEA, keep watching after the lecture. My hosts provide a nice introduction to these two important organization.

As I mentioned in the presentation, a lot of people helped me pull together information and manage logistics for this lecture. Here's a shout-out to them:

Thanks, everyone! And now, here's the lecture. Get a bowl of popcorn or a plate of cookies and settle in. This will be interesting. Remember, the first three minutes are a bit choppy, but stick with it. There's a lot of meat on these bones.

Topic: Security


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  • this is not a deep dive and far from it!

    there is no explanation of arm arch or the difs between 2.2 and 4.0. the person skimmed over vpn and vware(s). high level only for a disconnected ceo perhaps. u folks can do better than this person.