David Gewirtz CBSi Lecture Series

David Gewirtz CBSi Lecture Series

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I've given lectures on the following categories. Feel free to explore and watch any of them for free.

Enterprise and SMB Strategies

Staying the Course: Why Fully Deploying Windows 7 Still Makes Sense
An on-demand and interactive webcast containing tactics and strategies for making the most of Windows 7 in your enterprise computing environment.

2012 Guide To Small Business Technology Trends
A live and interactive webcast about the most promising solutions for the most pressing challenges.

The future is now: Key steps to a game-changing data-management strategy
An interactive webcast about how you can transform your existing infrastructure into an engine for processing and profiting from big data. 

Top 10 Considerations For Mixed Mobile Portfolios 
Gain insight into how much it costs for efficient mobility management and what it can save you in productivity, discover ways to increase user connectivity and ultimately user satisfaction, and learn how to mitigate the risk of all those mobile devices connecting to your data.

Top 12 Considerations for a Successful Data Archiving Strategy 
Gain insight into a simplified and scalable approach to mass storage and data recovery, discover how an efficient system can reduce capital and operational costs, learn why adaptability and flexibility are critical to meeting your data needs now and as they evolve in the future.

Successful Information Management Strategies 
Learn about the top trends and issues that every business should consider as part of their overall information management strategy, find out how leading innovations such as cloud computing can dramatically cut the costs of information management without any sacrifice, and explore primary considerations for evaluating and selecting the right type of end-to-end information management solution.

Top 5 Strategic Technologies to Grow Your Business 
Find out how consolidation is leading to more integration of applications and services that will drive your business today and in the future. Learn about the top solutions for improved operations, sales, and customer service as well as a well-defined business process to push toward automation. Discover the best ways to embrace a forward-leaning strategy for technological innovation and how it can dramatically improve the outlook of your entire organization. 

End-to-end Business Visibility with On-demand ERP 
Find out why integration is so important to business intelligence and how a well-measured and executed strategy can dramatically improve your overall operations. Discover the top considerations for proper planning, implementation, and management of a solution that encompasses everything from manufacturing and sales to distribution and customer service. Learn about the most critical questions you need to answer throughout the entire decision-making process to ensure the best possible technologies and services for your specific organization 

2011 Business Intelligence Checklist 
Learn how to assess your current business process and help determine what types of information is most important to the success of your entire organization. Discover how to evaluate, implement, and manage a BI solution in your SMB as well as who to involve and how to ensure their ongoing commitment to actionable information. Explore the functionalities that can immediately improve the way you leverage information and take advantage of every possible opportunity for your business.

How eDiscovery Best Practices Can Protect Your Business and Reduce Risk
Listen to the horror stories and learn about the insanely huge costs involved for some businesses that couldn't properly produce their data in court. Discover how eDiscovery technology can make it possible to be able to produce the data a judge might demand, quickly and easily. Learn eDiscovery best practices and the top considerations for evaluating and choosing the best solution for your enterprise's unique needs.

Topics: CXO, Cloud, Hardware, Servers, Virtualization, IT Employment


David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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