David Gewirtz CBSi Lecture Series

David Gewirtz CBSi Lecture Series

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I've given lectures on the following categories. Feel free to explore and watch any of them for free.

Cloud Computing

How to Create Cost Effective Storage in the Cloud 
Gain insight into the necessary steps to prepare your data for storage and how that can save time and money, discover the top considerations for a virtualized data center as well as scalable and secure storage, learn how the explosion of unstructured data growth can be contained without leading to rampant infrastructure costs for your business.

Simplified And Secure Information Management In The Cloud 
Learn why designing the right plan can make all the difference in protecting your information and your IT budget, discover how to prepare your business for the cloud transformation, gain insight into best practices for implementing and managing a well honed cloud-based information management system.

The Top 10 Considerations for Cloud Computing 
Make no mistake about it, cloud computing will continue to transform the many ways we create, share, and manage information and now is probably about as good a time as any to start thinking about the potential for your own business. This will not only satisfy your need-to-know but will also help you make a more informed decision about the future of your business.

The Top Considerations for Cloud-based Information Management 
Find out how to determine what can and cannot be managed on the cloud and how to effectively integrate the cloud in your overall solution, discover the top challenges and best practices to minimize any concerns and ensure the most possible benefit, and learn how to properly evaluate a information management provider who not only offers cloud-based services but also an end-to-end information management solution.

Cloud Computing Essentials for Business Communication
Discover the features and benefits of cloud computing for business communication as well as an overview of the very latest applications for email, messaging, calendars and more. Learn about the top considerations for security and how to best protect the users, information, and resources your company needs to compete in an increasingly dynamic market. Explore the primary measures that you can take to ensure the greatest possible level of availability and ensure the productivity that is so essential to your business

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Topics: CXO, Cloud, Hardware, Servers, Virtualization, IT Employment


David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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