Iranian protesters take to the tweets

Iranian protesters take to the tweets

Summary: With Iranian authorities essentially locking foreign journalists in their hotels, shutting down websites and blocking text messaging, Iranian protesters have taken to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook with a passion -- both to get the word out about what's happening in the country and to communicate logistics, says a CBS/AP report.

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With Iranian authorities essentially locking foreign journalists in their hotels, shutting down websites and blocking text messaging, Iranian protesters have taken to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook with a passion -- both to get the word out about what's happening in the country and to communicate logistics, says a CBS/AP report.

CBS News science and technology correspondent Daniel Sieberg combed Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and photo-sharing site Flickr, and found that those opposing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad refusing to be silenced.

"Against all odds," says Sieberg, "they're taking their voices to the Internet and seem to be announcing, 'The revolution will be blogged." '

Of course, Iran is blocking the social networking websites. But, just like the cliche says, the net is routing around that damage.

Twitter and other social-networking sites remained blocked Monday in Iran. Users must go to other sites that post tweets for them and allow them to read tweets from others.

Checking Twitter as I write this, I see lots of posts getting the word out about events in the country:

Tonight 10:30-12, "Alaho Akbar" from rooftops. #IranElection

URGNT@ ALL jornlsts, Tday 15:30 Prss Conf. in Tehran, Sadr MotrWay, Kave Shomali Blvd, Roshanayi St, Bahar Shomali St. Num. 9 #IranElectio

All Mousavi's news from GhalamNews is now on google: they cant block google #IranElection

@twitter Twitter is currently our ONLY way to communicate overnight news in Iran, PLEASE do not take it down. #IranElection

We have no national press coverage in Iran, everyone should help spread Mousavi's message. One Person = One Broadcaster. #IranElection

What a fantastic, inspiring reminder that the point of all our technology is to communicate important issues outside of corporate or governmental controls. This becomes clear in a crisis but here in the West, our flow of information is also restricted by the media's belief in what "sells" and reporters' cozy relationships with the powers that be.

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  • Which precisely why.....

    net neutrality is important. No single entity or groups (of entities) should have the right to control what flows over the internet. That is the best way to ensure survival of freedom and democracy.
    • The best way to ensure freedom is

      individual moral restraint and limited government. Democracy can be just
      as tyrannical as any dictatorship. Look up the history of Athens.
  • Iranians, are your ports/websites being blocked?

    Take control of your Freedom.

    Set up a shell account at (FREE)

    Once created, you can tunnel with Putty or Cygwin (Windows) or any Linux Distro.

    If you've got Firefox, you'd open a terminal window and type (I am picking arbitrarily port 8080):

    $[b]ssh -D 8080[/b]

    where, username is your actual login id. Note there is a subdomain of ssh included in the above example which you must include.

    In Firefox->Preferences select Advanced->Network->Settings, 'Manual Proxy Configuration', Socks host: Port: 8080, Socksv5.

    Socksv5 will also tunnel your DNS requests to the proxy host which totally encapsulates your Internet activities, and your right to privacy. The same socks5 proxy method (different ports) can be used with Google Talk and AIM, Twitter, etc.

    <a href="">Dietrich T. Schmitz</a>
    Dietrich T. Schmitz
    • page not found.

      so, silence is not defeat. :3
      • Off line

        $ dig any

        ; <<>> DiG 9.5.1-P2 <<>> any
        ;; global options: printcmd
        ;; Got answer:
        ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 11918
        ;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0

        ; IN ANY

        ;; ANSWER SECTION: 1679 IN A

        ;; Query time: 55 msec
        ;; SERVER:
        ;; WHEN: Wed Jun 17 19:21:00 2009
        ;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 57

        $ ping
        [b]PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
        --- ping statistics ---
        39 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 38163ms[/b]

        100% packet loss means off-line.
        Dietrich T. Schmitz
  • RE: Iranian protesters take to the tweets

    Sometimes, as screwed up as the 'net can be, something truly spectacular happens; this is GREAT! It's also why the basic internet MUST NOT CHANGE!
  • RE: Iranian protesters take to the tweets

    While a major international player shuts down all communications in and out of its territory; continues its work on nuclear weapons and missile technology, we focus on Twitter and how great it is that a relatively few of the trapped people can get messages out.
    Perhaps we should be focusing instead on what is happening, not what is being done to get around it, and standing in solidarity with those oppressed millions. That we, at least at the highest levels of government, apparently don't view what is happening in Iran as particularly important, or worse yet perceive some potential gain from soft-pedaling our outrage at the current dictators of Iran, we may be encouraging those tyrants to crack down in the same way Saddam Hussein slaughtered the Shia and Kurds when Bush 41 failed to stand with them and support them.
    • Actually Obama is doing the right thing

      Any attempt by the US government to support Iranian people will give the Iranian government the excuse it seeks to brand the demonstrators as US agents and carry out the massacre it's been craving.
  • RE: Iranian protesters take to the tweets

    Nicely put frgough.
  • RE: Iranian protesters take to the tweets

    "...but here in the West, our flow of information is also restricted by the media?s belief in what ?sells? and reporters? cozy relationships with the powers that be."

    NEVER have I seen a truer statement! Thank you for voicing what is so true in our "free speech" countries!
  • RE: Iranian protesters take to the tweets

    I am very concerned for their safety
    with the internet and media access being blocked..
    There is a few videos already showing gunfire into the crowds both in the streets and one at the university.
    I pray for these people that they will be safe and hope they achieve the outcome they seek

  • Is this just another "They have WMDs!" v.2-modified?

    dont rush to judgement
    this seems just a little TOO orchestrated-

    the quote OPPOSITION unquote that suddenly sprang up in
    Chile before ALLENDE was assassinated was an example.
    this smells of another version of "IRAQ has WMD's-we'll swear on
    our mothers grave!" this time the country is IRAN-(and is brought
    to you by the same people who swore above)

    the CIA and MOSSAD are experts at this
    Israel bytched and whined and threatened to hold
    their breath until they turned blue-but could not
    convince us to go to war-
    and now this pops up-suspicious

    the only crime that the president of IRAN is guilty of is
    gasp! doing nuclear research=who cares for what?
    Israel is very nuclear-
    **Iran needs to protect themselves from Israel**

    a no-brainer

    how about "wont get fooled again"

    do not trust the mainstream media

    PS: we helped overthrow the president of IRAN in 1951
    -got a man more to our liking in to run things for us
    • gennx30-Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist

      To gennx30,I feel sorry for you. Your not well.
      • why?.

        CIA is not the first time they do it.

      • LOL - very good - nt

    • Ummm you might be a lost ball there bucko---

    • If Arabic countries destroyed all weapons Peace in the middle east tomorrow

      If Jews threw all their weapons into the sea. Isreal would cease to exist as a country tomorrow. Hitler's holocaust would be dwarfed by the inhumanity the Arab nations would rain down on Isreal. And... there would still be no peace in the middle east. Arabs kill more Arabs than all other races, nations, and religions combined.

      Most religions teach, "Turn the other cheek", "Love thy neighbor". Not blow up your neighbors children and get a straight ticket to heaven. The saddest part is, they can all trace the family tree back to one man. Abraham. Every person they kill is a relative. A cousin, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew at some level.

      Rockets and homicide bombers explode every day somewhere in middle eastern countries. None of the suicides and less than 1/10th of 1% of the rockets are Isreali.
      • lol...

        Seriously which news channel have you been watching lately? Did you not see the 22 day genocide killing thousands of innocent people? Who did that? The arabs? I think its pretty clear who needs to dump their arsenal...the poor gazan's didn't even have anything to fight a fair fight. You say suicide bombing is cowardly? about flying overhead and bombing an entire city to dust? That in my books is cowardice.
        • What is the difference?

          The rocket attacks and suicide bomings are done against civilians, they have been warned that if they didn't stop, there would be reprisals. They had a choice, they know that weak willed people will think that they are being picked on.

          It's kind of like poking a sleeping bear, you know you are going to get mauled, but you hope weak willed people will feel sorry for you.
          • The difference...

            is that those rocket attacks are being done as a form of resistance. When you force so many people into a small box and cut off suplies..what do you expect?