Uniloc will appeal loss of $388m verdict against Microsoft

Uniloc will appeal loss of $388m verdict against Microsoft

Summary: Uniloc will appeal a federal judge's nullification of huge jury award in patent case against Microsoft.


One imagines the jaws dropping in Uniloc's board room when a federal judge announced he was throwing out a jury's $388 million patent infringement verdict against Microsoft. Shock would have turned to anger, then resolve. Today, Uniloc announced - to the delight of its law firm - it would appeal the decision. This statement comes from CEO Brad Davis:

We are disappointed by the decision the trial judge has made to overturn the jury's unanimous verdict in Uniloc's patent infringement case against Microsoft. We believe that the jury's verdict in April was thoughtful, well reasoned and supported by the evidence presented. Since the patent status remains unchanged, Uniloc will continue to protect its intellectual property and appeal the Judge's decision to override the jury's verdict to the US Court of Appeals. We are confident that Uniloc will ultimately prevail.

For the most detailed breakdown of the judge's decision you'll find on the Web, see my post from yesterday.

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  • people's voices must prevail

    and M$ must pay the piper.
    Linux Geek
    • What if the Judge was right on the law?

      Should Microsoft (and stop the childish M$, will ya?) still pay because 12 jurors either didn't understand the subtle differences or hate MS (imagine 12 jurors like you Linux Geek)?

      If MS did due dilligence and made enough modifactions to skirt the patent, then they skirted the patent. that fact that you hate MS doesn't mean they broke the law, right?

      When all is said and done, only the lawyers come out ahead.
      • This is not the first time MSFT got caught

        with it's hands in anothers cookiee jar. If it were up to you, I'd guess all
        the jurors would be MSFT employees and/or stockholders.
        • And if it where up to you

          I guess all the jurors would be Linux and/or Apple employees and/or stockholders.

          You know, where Microisoft would be found guilty even when they were innocent?
          • Microsoft isn't innocent here.

            No, unlike many here, I would prefer non-computer users as jurors.
          • When did you get your law degree?

            Sorry, the law isn't defined by what you wish it to be.
            Judges are mostly interested in law and justice, while jurors sometimes, like yourself, have no interest in either.
            Judges are also accountable to others.
            Which is why judges are allowed to override juries, when they don't follow the law.

            Now it is up to the appeals process to figure the rest of it out.
      • Do you think

        Linux Geek is Loverock and just trying to get people fired up from both directions?
        Viva la crank dodo
  • RE: Uniloc will appeal loss of $388m verdict against Microsoft

    It is unlikely that Judge William Smith knew anything about the technical aspects of the case that the jury didn't know. If you look at his bio tech is not present. But what is present is the fact that he is a Bush appointee. Not exactly the best of cred's.
    • Not just wait a cotton-pickin minute...

      ...since when has politics EVER played a role in a judges decision?

      Oh now I remember...almost always. ;-)
      • Bush supports Microsoft?

        Excuse me? Does anyone know the political leanings of Bill Gates? He is a big lib. If it were political, the judge would have found in favor of Uniloc, not Microsoft.
  • Here is hoping Unloc spends the last of their $$$$

    fighting this and then simply goes away. The patent system
    is so amazingly broken when it comes to software as to not
    be funny but sad.

    This is a small step forward.
  • RE: Uniloc will appeal loss of $388m verdict against Microsoft

    The best line in this post was, "to the delight of its law firm..." That is so true. Uniloc thought it could profit off of Microsoft's research and development based off of a very loose patent, but the judge saw through it. Uniloc has wasted a lot of money in the process. The only individuals to make out well from this case were the lawyers for both companies. This is just yet another example of the need for serious tort reform in this country.
  • RE: Uniloc will appeal loss of $388m verdict against Microsoft

    Awards of this magnitude are exactly what's wrong with the system. If the appeal and the judgement is restored - at a more reasonable level - Uniloc could lose the entire judgement in legal fees!

    Appeals court judges are there to reign in juries who understand very little about software and IP issues.
    M Wagner
  • RE: Uniloc will appeal loss of $388m verdict against Microsoft

    I think both might be BugMeNot anonymous accounts, but I can't be sure.