15 universities submit designs for electric vehicle competition

15 universities submit designs for electric vehicle competition

Summary: The focus of EcoCAR2 is on creating a more energy-efficiency plug-in hybrid, using the 2013 Chevrolet as the foundation.

TOPICS: Telcos

For the next three years, 15 university teams will compete in EcoCAR 2, an electric vehicle design competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory, General Motors and about 20 other organizations. As the name suggest, this is the second such competition. The first one, which was won by Virginia Tech, focused on creating an extended-range electric vehicle architecture. This new competition will see the students attempt to improve the energy efficiency of the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu. The video below provides more details on the goals of the contest.

All of the teams have submitted their architectures for reengineering the Malibu design to create an even more efficient hybrid electric vehicle. The primary focus of the students who are competing in EcoCAR 2 is the power-flow design: the choices made for fuel, transmission, battery system, electric motor, generator and charger. Right now, the students are working on the design phase, simulating their choices with software. The designs that will be tested include:

Parallel Through the Road Plug-in Series Plug-in Series Parallel Plug-in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Series Plug-in Split-Parallel Plug-in

During years two and three of the competition, the teams will actually get hands-on to rebuild the 2013 Chevy Malibu vehicles donated by the sponsors.

Topic: Telcos

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  • Why?

    I really don't understand the focus on consumer electric vehicles. Why not focus on electric commercial vehicles - imagine how much money the Post Office could save if all of the local delivery vehicles were electric, or hybrids. They seem the perfect candidates - short distances, stop-and-go driving, low speeds. Follow that up with school buses. Shouldn't vehicles that carry children pollute the least? UPS, FedEx, municipalities; all should be targeted before consumers. Large, heavy, slower moving vehicles that don't suffer because of the weight of the batteries. Instead of thinking about commuter vehicles, think about getting the commuters on hybrid or electic mass transit.
  • It's about shoving and idea and a lemon down our throats, and we're

    all going to pay for it, whether we purchase them or not.

    "Chevy Volt Sales Sizzle, Nissan LEAF Cools Off in February 2012"


    "GM temporarily halts production of Volt"


    GM is spinning the news, but, they'll shortly be announcing the complete halt of that money drain. If the consumers dictate between winners and losers, then the Volt and all electric vehicles are losers. In fact, they're more than losers. They're an idea and a concept, but the real fact is that, nobody, except a few elites, would want to own one. It's an idea whose time has never arrived. Perhaps when gas is $10 per gallon, it will make some economic sense, and that's exactly what Obama and democrats have in mind, to make gas as expensive as possible in order to make the insane ideas, such as electric vehicles, more palatable.

    Obama and the democrats are bound and determined to shove those lemons down our throats.