BMW charges forward with ActiveE field trial

BMW charges forward with ActiveE field trial

Summary: New Jersey electric car enthusiast takes delivery of the first test vehicle to be delivered in the United States.

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The conflicted market for electric vehicles hasn't stopped luxury car maker from delivering the first ActiveE electric vehicle, which is essentially a BMW 1-series sedan converted over to battery power.

An article in GreenCarReports said that first of those vehicles went to a New Jersey resident who also participated in the company's earlier Mini E electric car trial.

BMW intends to deliver about 700 test vehicles in New York, Boston, Harford, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento, Calif., over the next few weeks. Apparently, you can still sign up to participate, but you'll be paying about $499 per month for the two-year lease to do so.

[via GreenCarReports]

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