Could global warming be self-limiting?

Could global warming be self-limiting?

Summary: Ice melt in Antarctic could create new, natural carbon sink, says research.

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Some recent research on the disappearing Antarctic ice sheet examined what happens AFTER the ice goes away. The conclusion: more water exposed to more sunlight means more phytoplankton and zooplankton absorbing more carbon. In other words: a natural, living carbon sink.

The scientists estimate the Antarctic Peninsula has lost nearly 24-thousand square kilometers of ice cover in the past half century.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • A single link?

    Seriously? Get a twitter account if you just want to pass along links without taking the time to write an actual article.
  • Stalin era Communist brain-washing

    Oh yes, please tell me how to live, what to eat and if I can drive or use A/C...

    I can't wait to see Al Gore do without A/C or a limo or his private jets.

    Oh the outcry...
  • Don't forget..

    About how the added water will absorb more heat instead of reflect it like ice does. Which effect will be stronger?
  • RE: Could global warming be self-limiting?

    "The scientists estimate the Antarctic Peninsula has lost
    nearly 24-thousand square kilometers of ice cover in the
    past half century."

    Harry what's happening to total Antarctic ice cover? ;-)
    Richard Flude
  • Duh!

    Aren't we coming OUT of an ICE AGE?
    Yes, I'm sure we have accelerated it, but no one can stop it. We just have to deal with it til the NEXT ice age.
    • Last ice age ended ~12k yrs ago

      Based on the pattern of the last half dozen ice ages and warm interglacials, global temps should be stable to very slightly downward at this point in the cycle.
  • East Offsets West

    Usual cherry-picked half-truths. Balance please:

    This reminds me of that time I heard of some Greenpeace guy practically saying that [i]any[/i] climactic change was evidence of global warming, so as to debunk observational science to the contrary.
    • Missing the point

      Haven't you been keeping up with the latest from CRU? Geophysical Research Letters is no longer a valid peer review journal because it won't tow the AGW party line. They actually let real scientist who have actual data from which to draw valid conclusions publish papers which use a real peer review process. They might actually come to the conclusion AGW isn't happening by looking at, you know, real data. Obviously a bunch of right wing pro-oil ideologues.
  • RE: Could global warming be self-limiting?

    The ice sheets are definitely melting. No question. This matter of what next seems critical - very interesting article. Thanks!
  • RE: Could global warming be self-limiting?

    Ice glaciers "pile up" from massive amounts of snow accumulation, and eventually get so massively heavy that gravity forces them to "travel" down hill. It is a natural occurrance. Because it does not happen very often, people are surprised when it does happen. There will always be people that will claim..."The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!"