Genius wireless mouse does away with batteries

Genius wireless mouse does away with batteries

Summary: The Genius BlueEy DX-ECO mouse uses a rechargeable gold capacitor to keep charged up.

TOPICS: Hardware, SMBs

I am so enamored of my solar-powered, wireless keyboard from Logitech that I had to mention a new product that I just heard about from Taiwanese technology company Genius: a battery-free mouse called the DX-ECO BlueEye Mouse.

According to the product specification sheet, the mouse uses a rechargeable gold capacitor instead of a battery. The capacitor charges fully via a microUSB cord in about three minutes. The Genius BlueEye DX-ECO product literature doesn't say how long the capacitor will hold a charge, but it can be recharged up to 100,000 times.

The device uses 2.4 Ghz wireless communications technology (which means you have to use a Pico receiver, which will require a USB slot). It can communicate up almost 50 feet away. There is not shortage of buttons and features, including a scroll button, a button for adjusting DPI settings, and even a button for clicking back and forth between pages (previous and next). The products supports Windows 7, Vista and XP and works with Macintosh OSX 10.4 or later, according to the specs.

The suggested retail price on the DX-ECO is $39.99. I haven't managed to find the mouse for sale at any of the usual retail suspects, although the company appears to have a relationship with many of them.

Topics: Hardware, SMBs

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  • RE: Genius wireless mouse does away with batteries

    More USB foolishness, why hasn't power mat teamed up with Logitech to promote a wireless experience, they could forego the capacitor completely and just use an inductor to power the mouse. Over the past couple years I've predicted several changes, but, to me anyway, it defies logic that power mat doesn't have a mouse pad and mouse, get the technology into our homes and offices and other devices will follow
    • RE: Genius wireless mouse does away with batteries

      @davbran You realize how hairbrained that is, right? You've just invented the world's most expensive wired mouse. Or did you think that your power mat would also be wireless? Not to mention the thing would cut off any time you went a little off the pad. A wired mouse would do the exact same thing as this setup with a fraction of the complexity.
      • RE: Genius wireless mouse does away with batteries

        Perhaps you should have said "inductor to charge the mouse" instead of "power" so Aerowind would not have flipped out quite so completely.
  • A little on the expensive side for a pointing device

    but other than that, and assuming it can hold a charge, SIGN ME UP.
  • Capacitors are designed to release large amounts of power. They don't

    Do trickle currents very well.
  • RE: Genius wireless mouse does away with batteries

    Sign me up! I'm tired of changing batteries.
  • Merci!

    Thanks for sharing! I'll spread the word and reduce the price ;-B
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