Global warnings. Will China dominate green tech as world melts down?

Global warnings. Will China dominate green tech as world melts down?

Summary: Jeremiads abound.America, he cries, get off your ass.

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

Jeremiads abound.

America, he cries, get off your ass.

We humans are doing little to try to stop global warming because it challenges our basic assumptions.

Gloom and doom for moose?

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • Ah yes

    Ah yes, a few Op-Ed pieces, none with links.

    Time to teach the Times some basic HTML?

    And and article ending with:

    "Researchers said they weren't sure why the
    animal is struggling more in Minnesota than
    elsewhere and more study is needed."

    Well, the researchers aren't clear, but we'll
    blame climate change for the declining
    population anyways.

    • One thing is certain

      each will be calling for more taxpayers money.

      Back in the real world china is adding an extra 70 GW capacity each year,
      the overwelming amount from coal-fired power stations. To put this in
      perspective China is adding more than the total electricity generatng
      capacity of Australia every year (and for the foreseeable future).

      China will dominate all tech in the future, they'll be the only ones with
      cheap readily available power;-)
      Richard Flude
  • green tech is a falacy

    Repackaging old industries under 'green tech' should not fool you. We are just doing the same things we were doing before but with different names.
    As for the need for green tech and new well paying jobs provided by it, just ignore the hype and sillyness... the 'green tech' is just a solution looking for a problem to solve, not the other way arround.
    When money are distributed by a buch of polar bear hugging liberals, there are plenty of freeloaders eager to grab them by selling 'green tech'.
    Linux Geek
  • Global Warming - the new boogie man.

    If it's hot today... Global Warming.
    If it's cold today... Global Warming.

    It was supposed to be Global Warming until the planet started to cool. Then the Al Gores and the scientist trying to get grants and secure funding decided it was Global Climate Change (now it can get cold or hot and still be a serious problem).

    Then it became - it's gonna be cold then get hot. So - it's cold now. If it heats up, their right? If it doesn't - it proof the climates change in total and final.


    I'D be willing to give more weight to science if it could settle simple issues first - like are eggs good for you. First they were good, then bad, then good, then only if not scrambled...

    They're still learning, but now they want the entire world to change everything while they figure it out.

    You want to tell me pollution is bad. OK. I'm in. You want to tell me CO2, that which I exhale, is a poison killing the planet? Kiss off.

  • Such fine journalism