Gore Lawsuit Over Inconvenient Untruths?

Gore Lawsuit Over Inconvenient Untruths?

Summary: Will Gore be in court over his movie, "Inconvenient Truths?" For those who find the fuss over global warming to be inconvenient, the thought is delightful.


Will Gore be in court over his movie, "Inconvenient Truths?" For those who find the fuss over global warming to be inconvenient, the thought is delightful. The idea was publicly aired last week by the founder of the Weather Channel who agrees with those who see "global warming" as some sort of political and mind-control project to take over individuals' lives. Now it's percolating across the blogosphere and into talkbacks here on ZDnet.

The idea: sue Gore for fraud because of the untruths in his movie, and fraud for the very practice of carbon taxes or carbon trading. After all, the flic won an Oscar as a doc, not a fictional acount. Maybe we could sue Gore at the same time for losing the 2000 election which has left the U.S. trillions of dollars in debt and with spiralling gasoline costs? While we're unpacking various conpspiracy theories, perhaps we should examine the whole effect of the Iraq Occupation and American debt on crude oil costs. Is the current administration really trying to price Americans out of driving and thereby stop auto emissions while only pretending to be unconcerned over global warming? This is all so confusing my spots are beginning to ache, as Kipling's little leopard once observed.

For a less-than-admiring look at the "Gore To Be Sued" story. For some discussion of the idea.

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  • Inconvenient indeed ....

    I'm 100% in favor of this lawsuit. The movie was nothing more than a self serving political speach and now a bunch of idiots who saw the "movie" think that they know about "global warming".

    More than 90% of the information presented by the "movie" were very conveniently untrue.
    • Ditto

      The whole idea of buying a carbon tax is ludicrous. And most of the 'facts' in the movie are completely unproven bits of falicy.
    • He was being sarcastic

      but then again.. some people are just slow
      • No, he was being ironic.

        He was claiming that suing Gore over an inconvenient truth
        would be equivalent to suing over 2000. Which shows two
        things: The author is ignorant of climate change, and the
        U.S. Constitution. I'll say it one more time. The moment
        the Florida State Legislature voted to seat the delegates for
        Bush, the election was over. The Supreme Court actually
        didn't need to get involved at all. Because, you see, if you
        read your Constitution, you'll find that State Legislatures
        choose electors, and they can do it ANY D*** WAY THEY
        WANT TO. It's just traditionally been by popular vote.

        If Americans actually understood the Constitution, Florida
        2000 would never have been a controversy.

        And if people like the author actually had the b**** to
        admit that NASA data shows a global DROP of .75 C in
        2007, and the intellectual honesty to go with it, he'd know
        that solar output far outstrips ANY kind of CO2 input into
        the atmosphere. One year of barely detectable solar
        radiation reduction wipes out ANY contribution whatsoever
        that CO2 emissions may have ever made over the next

        Gore is perpretating a fraud, and if the author were at all
        honest, he'd admit it.
    • Actually, he was very concervative. The polar ice is actually disapearing

      FASTER then Gore predicted. He needs to update the movie to show that we now know that global warming is happening FASTER than was predicted in the first movie.

      Yes, there are still a lot in denial . . . .
  • Gore = preschool education

    Yeah I do recall learning that in the past the ice shelf extended all the way down to Kentucky??? Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't global warming started long before factories and cars started showing up on planet earth? What about volcanoes that spew out tons of greenhouse gases, even humans and animals, should we plug all the holes and sink into oblivian? I am sure we have some affect on the climate, but not to the extent that we affect it much at all and there are plenty of real scientist that will back that up. Gore is a self-centered idiot in my book and he believes the things others tell him without ever really analyzing the facts and the history of the earth. How did the earth ever come out of the Ice Age? Must have been the first industrial revolution that we all never heard or know about. Gore needs to go back to k-12 and get a real education, I know of a good school system he could attend!
    • Never let facts cloud political agendas ...

  • Its soo stupid what people do these days

    This case just shows that people dont have a mind of their own. While they are at it, whey dont they sue micheal moore for lying in half his documentaries?

    Apparently Mr. Moore did interview the head of GM, but never mentioned that in his documentary, thats just one example.

    Its a movie people... next thing they will start sueing people for calling latte's, coffee.
    • Just a movie?

      This is not just a movie like you would explain it, but it is a movie that Gore will defend as truthful to the death and same for Michael Moore. I do blame Americans for believing alot of this crap and even some that on paper should be intelligent enough to know better and that is why I have a problem with it. Guess that is something I hate to see, people believe their own lies and bring others into the mix with them.
  • RE: Gore Lawsuit Over Inconvenient Untruths?

    The Earth has been getting warmer since the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850. Since there was not significant global carbon dioxide release into the atmosphere until after WWII its a little hard to explain the temperature increase from 1850 to 1950 using CO2 as the culprit.
    Recent studies also show global increases of temperature for Mars and the Jovian moons. I guess they aren't being careful enough of their carbon loading either, darn those Martians.
    • In the case of Mars

      They are storing too much of the mysterious 9th ray that
      propels light away from a planet, so too much light is
      striking Mars and heating it up.
  • Some questions...

    What did Al Gore do in this movie to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?
    How does the making and showing of this film contribute to world peace?
    From the "sounds" of these postings, it appears the result is just the opposite!
    TTGIT Guy
  • Yes, it is funny to see people not wantting to accept Global Warming, and

    the extent to which they will go to try and discredit Gore and all of the scientists. But, you look at the publications in scientific journals, and you will see that there is virtually no disagreement among scientists: GLOBAL WARMING IS HAPPENING.
    • donnie man see it that way

      People will believe in global warming. when its gonna be too late. the day will have 6 new categories of tornado .

      Hail size of softball
      And million dying for famine because ( BTW have you heard about food price rise lately ...)

      but no there no climate change, this year we have receive 400 cm of snow on quebec and we are in march .....its not over yet

      But no there is no climate change at all ....
  • Global Warming - NONSENSE

    I'm a scientist and I don't agree that global warming is happening. It's a lie that there is virtually no disagreement among scientists about warming.

    There's actually some evidence of global cooling. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    As yet no objective conclusions can be made.
    • Interesting

      There are plenty of scientists that say the exact opposite of what you are saying, Soooo.....

      Who's right? Who's crazy? And who's full of ****? Money probably has nothing to do with any of this, right? I mean, corporations and governments never buy anybody off, right?

      Hmmmm.....guess we'll all find out eventually, though.

      I just don't understand why, we as people, might not want to prepare, just in case...ya know, before it IS too late? Because once it's too late, it's too late, no going back, hasta la vista...then what? Will we believe it then?

      Probably not.
      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
    • can you back it up?

      Since you are a self proclaimed scientist do you have some facts to back up your claims about global cooling?
      Linux Geek
  • RE: Gore Lawsuit Over Inconvenient Untruths?

    Simply got to ICECAP.us and read some material there. You don't have to be a scientist to understand what most of the posts have to convey if you simply read the summaries. Suffice it to say that THERE IS NOT COMPLETE AGREEMENT ON ANTHROPOGENIC CLIMATE CHANGE (WARMING OR COOLING).
  • RE: Gore Lawsuit Over Inconvenient Untruths?

    Sure it's about money. Grant money and notoriety for the Warm Mongers. If any of you scam doubters took a science course (doubtful) you would have learned that theories are meant to be proven and disproven. To state a theory and announce that the debate is over should be a warning sign.

    P.S. Polar Bears populations are NOT declining.